Name: James Lance Bass

Nickname: Lansten, Scoop, & Stealth

Date Of Birth: May 4, 1979

Sign: Taurus

Place Of Birth: Clinton, Mississippi

Age: 22

Parents: Jim & Diane Bass

Siblings: Stacy

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'11

Underwear: Boxers

Bad Habit: Biting nails

Fears: Things that buzz

Shoe Size: 11

Favorite Color: Red & Blue

Food: French toast & Mexican

Hot Drink: Almond Cappuccino


Ice Cream: Butter Peacan

Sport: Jet-skiing, Baseball, & Volleyball

Holiday: Christmas

Place To Visit: (not even going to say but I read it was Liechtenstein)

First Kiss: Bethany, Age Five

TV Show: I love lucy

Actress & Actor: Lucille Ball & Tom Hanks

Hometown: Clinton, Mississippi

Collects: Dr. Seuss artwork & Taz stuff

What he looks for in a woman:

"Someone who could take a joke and is fun to be with - someone adventurous like me who's willing to go parasailing and stuff. And also someone who's loving and cute."

Other Info: