prank phone calls to *NSYNC

Yea, I know you've prank called someone at least once in you life. Well here's *NSYNC. There's no Lance because Alyssa didn't do him. lol, bad you




Me: Hello, may I ask what residence I have reached?
Justy: Yo, dis be 'N Sync fooh!
Me: Well sir, I am please to report that u can win 1 million dollars!
Justy: Yo, day be crunk. Wut I gotta do dawg?
Me: Just go to the closest park and count the blades of grass! Then tell me how many there are!
*5 hours lata
Justin: Yo, dere be 679,543,143 grass pieces, dawg! Yello? Yelooo? Aw, damn!



JC: Hello? Jerome is dat u?
Me: I'm afraid not, is this Josh?
JC: Yea, that bitch Jerome was supposed to be over here with my medication half an hour ago!
Me: This is the FBI, we've just arrested Jerome for cocaine smuggling; Were chacking his book of friends.
JC: Oh, shit!
Me: We'll be ovr in an hour to take statements; don't leave the house.
JC: What about my meds?
Me: Sorry son, but we're gonna have to bust your ass too.
JC: NO! u can have n-e-thing, just get me my crack!
Me: I'm sorry. We'll need a wreitten confession, don't try to deny it, we have this recorded!



Joey: *munch munch* Hello? *munch munch*
Me: Hi! Joey?
Joey: *Scarf scarf* Yea, *munch munch* that's me!
Me: I understand u r a Superman fan, right?
Joey: YES!
Me: How would you like to win his cape? And a one of a kind Superman beer?
Joey: *choking* No way! I'd love it! What's the catch?
Me: None! U just have to do me a favor!
Joey: What is that?
Me: Just go in Lance's room and get me his Candy Apple Red lipstick.
Joey: Then what?
Me: Go outside and place it under the 3rd tree. Then go back 2 ur room and it will be there!
*30 min later a tattered Joey with ripped clothes and black eyes (frm Lance when he wuz caught) goes outside and places the lipstick under the tree. He goes back into his room
Joey: *looks in horror* NOOO! This is a Batman costume! *cries like a baby*



Chris: OMG! Some1 finally called me! Who is it?
Me: Hello Chris, this is a friend
Chris: OMG! A friend! With u and Busta that makes 2!
Me: That's what I called to talk to u about.
Chris: What is it?
Me: I'm calling to tell you that Busta is safe. He's decided to persue a career in show business. He's gonna be a stripper!
Chris: Why!
Me: He wuz sick of u always complaining to him!
Chris: *Crying* Oh, well *sniff sniff* at least ur still my friend!
Me: Sorry, but I can't gotta go!
*as we hang up Chris is crying and snot drips out 3 feet low!