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"It came up so fast and then it was over before I knew it."

“We're not a boy band...we're...a dude band."

"I feel like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float."

"My parents house is hard to go to now too because they are always in the front yard picking the grass"

"The lounge, the kitchen ; the lounge, the kitchen, and here is the spacious little bathroom."

"It's not all about the horses! Trust me! It's not about the horses"

"That's soo ooo oo not Mississippi"

"We're like brothers. Brothers always fight about different little nitpicky things, but you still love 'em."

"The worst feeling in the world is waking up in the morning"

"I can't bear looking in the mirror-I guess that's why my hair looks like this"

"I was skydiving once and I hit a bird."

"That 'Here we go song' Video has gotten to him"

"I will play basketball but I'm so bad at it, and they make fun of me for it, but you know, I like to try things"

"He just loves to have fun and you know anything he can do, dangerous or crazy, he'll do" (Talking about Chris)

"The average Candian head weighs......"

"Oh my god!!!!!"(On a roller Coaster)

"I'm just *Nsync. Last Night some guy passed by and said 'Hey *Nsync' Uh, my name is Lance"

"Less Dance cause we're gonna have really bad knees." (On where the groups wants to be in 10 years)

"I am gonna get a lot of shit for this"

"Whoa, my goodness that really hurts"

"Alright it's um...you know what a pecan is?It's nut in a shell...ok it's a pecan and butter is...butter but it's...it's sweet.I don't-nevermind, chocolate chip" (on his favorite ice cream)

"This is for Reebox or Nike or Puma or Adidas or whoever wants to give us some shoes...."

"Hey that's not funny.I think they're very cute feet" (Talking about Chris)

"This one's an 11. The most important, I wear 11. Lemme repeat, an 11" (on his shoe size)

"Poofu, Poofu where are you? Please come out and play"

"I like girls that are true to themselves...I like um, good girls.I like the innocent-type girls"

"I like putting one leg in and one leg out of the blanket and I'm either hot or cold. And I like a fireplace, I like to sleep in front of it"

"I can't sleep with any light what so ever. My cell phone have this lttle charger. It has this little itty-bitty light and I can see it when my eyes are closed and it bugs the heck out of me, so I have to have total darkness, unless there's a fireplace"

"I'm working on my hip-hop album now. It will be out in stores 2001. It's called "Ghetto Fabulous." Lance has got the beat, yo."

"We're gonna lose our jobs now."

"The beginning of the shows are different. One time we'll say 'Hello, Denver'. Another time we'll say 'Hello, Memphis'. It's always different."

"The best days of my life...most of them have been in this group."

"You get arrested one time..."

"My nickname is Pez cuz I have a big adam's apple."

"I'm dating Britney and two of her dancers."

"Once a year we get to go to the beach!"

"It was like 'The Real World' - except we all got along."

"And, sheesh! He's got the worst taste." (about Joey's taste in women)

"Rubbish - his mom did it all! She cleaned his room for him and everything! Ironed all his clothes...everything!" (Justin and housework)

"Powdered sugar. Some like syrup, but I was raised with powdered sugar on the toast. The real French way." (on what he puts on his French toast)

"Hi everyone, I'm on online."

"I was the worst dancer when I joined the group. I spent hours with the choreographer everyday so I could be a better dancer."

"One time I fell asleep in the dressing room and he put whipped cream and beanie baby's all over my head, but I got him back and put all the whipped cream and put it in his hair, it was war."

"...build a skate park, then invite Hanson round for a skate party!" (on if he could rule the world)

"Chat rooms are so cool, especially if you go into your own chat room and all the people are talking about you and you pretend you're somebody else!"

"I carry my camera, because I take pictures of everything. And food, you have to have food. Um, my watch that Joey gave me for my birthday. Tommy Hillifiger, playing cards. Taz. My Ricloa because I have a cough all the time and batteries. I will show you what my batteries are for, my CD player." (on what's in his suitcase)

"We all got our character voices down. Our dream is to be South Park characters."

"[Joey]'ll talk real nice then screw it all up!"

"Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up now. It's not about horses. I promise, this song is not about horses."

Q: "Speaking of showers...what's the longest you've been without a shower?"
"I take a shower every morning and sometimes every night because I can't stand it when I'm dirty. I like to be clean. Mr. Clean."

"Both. Sometimes boxers sometimes briefs, somedays boxerbriefs."

"He's never serious. Chris is never serious."

"You're the one that had green hair last time, right?"

"I thought it was..."

"If you want to smack him. We won't press charges." (about Chris)

"I’ll take anything that` s not nailed down!"

" That` s it! I` d be Tom Hanks in that film"

" I`d like to beat up the Fonz"

" I think we` re perfectionists"

"Never give up, but always have something to fall back on..."

"I can't bear looking in the mirror-I guess that's why my hair looks like this."

"Shake your butt."

"It just gets better and better."

"We love our fans, the fans are what makes us."

"There's spit flying all over the place"

"Normally you gotta keep him [Chris] away from sugar, cause he'll go nuts. We travel in a small bus, and he's like a hurricane."

"Chris is totally crazy and will do anything. He's very hyper!"

"I'm not even going to play myself into this."

"You know we hardly get in any fights, and..."

“Chris has no attention span”

“I'm not into people who prejudge you.”

"Ignorant people who judge others without getting to know them first, judging them without even speaking to them. I don't like racism either.”

"I've been drinking this bottled water which has special herbs and essences in it which are supposed to make you a bit frisky, I've already had three bottles today!" (quite hyper on some German talk show)

"Everything's gonna be cool!"

"Sometimes you just slip it [your tongue] in there out of habit." (on stage kisses)

"M-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter-I-Humpback-Humpback-I"

"I'm bustin out of my package!"

"I love chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, potato skins. I don't like to have a lot of any one food, I like to choose, so I always order lots of appetizers."

"They change colors. They turn yellow, green, blue." (talking about his eye color)

"It's like going to Disney World, going into the tunnels, and seeing Cinderella smoking a cigarette. The whole magic is gone!!"

"...another thing that bugs us is that he always says 'eh?' with a canadian accent 'cause he lives with two canadians." (on JC)

"Something adventurous. Hiking, then picnic on the beach. An amusement park. Something fun. Rockclimbing." (the perfect date)

"And I like a fireplace. I like sleeping in front of it."

"I'll play basketball, but I'm sooo bad at it!"

"On stage he is definitely the wildest one which if you knew him and hung out with him everyday you would never think that because he is soo laid back and you know he sleeps a lot (laugh), but I guess he's just saving up his energy" (on JC)

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"I want to run around naked."

"I guess just a big pool of jello. That's all I'm gonna say."

"My wildest fantasy....I guess just a big pool of Jello--that's all I'm gonna say!"

"If you've got the pool, I've got the Jello!"

"My wildest fantasy is a big pool of J-E-L-L-O.... That's all I'm saying... You know, hang out with a bunch of people in a pool of J-E-L-L-O."

Has any girl turned you down even though you're in 'N Sync? "Of coarse!"

"I don't have a superman tattoo on my butt, I swear!!!"

"I picked my nose when I was younger therefore I have big nostrils."

"I love Justin."

"How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut... It's not really very funny, is it?"

"JC's just cheesy."

"But I love Justin..."

"Actually, one of the single covers in Europe, I turned sideways... and it looked like I had a gut, a really bad stomach ache"

"Lance uses us like wild dogs...he holds us by the leash and waits for us to sniff people out and then he goes and meets them himself."

"Being a romantic isn't as easy as it looks!"

Joey 'why does justin stick his tongue out?' "He's tring to catch flys, i dunno."

"JC's been in prison for about what, 5 years?"

"We call him Scoop 'cause he always knows everything."
(on Lance)

"And I would really like to see a Joey *NSYNC doll. I want to be able to see myself and say, 'Hey, that's me as a doll!'"

"I'm actually dating Britney. We've been together for about seven years." ( joking about dating Britney Spears)

"I was a little too short to play Tigger, and a little too tall to play Pluto."

"It's just five guys performing to the best of our knowledge..."

"If you're embarrassing Pineapple, he'll soon end up embarrassing you!"

"It's flowwwwy."

"Everyone has hair on their feet. I don't. It's so weird."

"But he never brushes his teeth and he never bathes! So he stinks!" ( joking about JC)

"I hope to take some [clogging] lessons some day and go on to Riverdance."

"Alright, I suck."

"I look like Bozo the Clown." ( on what his mom thinks of his hair)

"Hey! There went my great UNCLE Hunkleburger!"

"Did you see that chick? Did you? Huh? She was hot!"

"No, I never think about sex..." (with snickering in backround)

"Justin, Justin is the most athletic kind of one"

"It` s been a long time since anyone caught me naked!"

"That would be uncool!"

"I` d like to be in the willy wonka and the chocolate factory"

" I hate being in a hotel for too long, I have to go to a club!"

"You name `em, we play `em!"

"When people are down I try to cheer them up, I'm always happy."

"I scored ten points, actually."

"I stay up as late as I can, so when I get on the flight, I just pass out."

"Always try your best."

"I guess I'm really that funny. Huh?"

"Lance with his hands all over the place"

"Just look closely. Do we look normal?"

"I don't have a superman tattoo on my butt, I swear!!!"

"I fell off a bed once...it kinda hurt too!"

"You see, JC matures too quickly. He peaked at the age of 15 and he's going down hill slowly. All he wants to do now is sleep!"

"I know all about Joey —he sucks at this, he’s bad at that, he’s the worst cook, he can’t dance for crap! And I don’t tell good jokes!"

"Can't be dating no 12-yr. old. That's jailbait."

"It's fun to be famous b/c you always get free ice cream from McDonald's."

"There's a mushroom in a bar-it's really funny.(laughs) Well,Woo!- a mushroom walks in a bar and the bartender says 'hey we don't serve your kind' and he says 'Why not? I'm a fun guy!'"

"The coolest fans are the ones that go OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!"  

One time Lance was sleeping and I put whipped cream on his head. He wasn't too happy, but it was funny.

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"I'd just want out of the spaceship."

"I'd want to be a woman."

"I just got Phil Collins' autograph! Whoooo! I'm a little girl!"

"We threw a party in the van with our stuffed animals."

"Sometime when I look in the mirror naked, I get so freaked out that I do a little dance! Ha ha ha!"

"Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin? Here I am! Here I am!"

"I'm not pregnant!"

"I don't like needles. I don't mess around with that type."

"This is why we are all in therapy"

"Sleeping with large quantities of stuffed animals relieves stress caused by annoying roommates...AND works as a pillow!"

"Man, we've all been caught kissing-my mom caught me and threw a fit! She was like, "There's a rule in this house, if you're in there with a girl you leave the door open!"

"The nurse came in and I thought it was shot time. She broke out this thing, and I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a shot, so I yelled and ran out the door. The other guys started laughing so hard. They were like, 'Come back! It's just the ear thermometer!' I was sooo humiliated. But needles invading your body......I just don't like it!"

"In Spain man, they're really grabby. They're like scratchy"

"I don't know any of these people."

"The beauty of music is that everyone hears it their own way and every song you hear leaves an impression on you that alters the way you hear everything from that point on."

"In da old days when I used to be dope illy fresh."

"There's a fine line between conceit and confidence."

"It doesn't matter how small or painless it is, I'm terrified!" (talking about needles)

" You'd have Christina singing and Britney performing and all of a sudden ( Making hand signals) Maaaah, MAAAAH!"

"Life wouldn't be any fun if you didn't have any dreams."

"I've had a lot of bad haircuts."

"Today in the cafeteria: meatloaf, madness, and apple surprise"

"We just want to make sure everybody is safe."

"It was a great vibe, dude."

"If I sit down to rest for a long time, my body goes 'Okay, you're not tired. But you know what? You need to rest, just in case.'"

"He always holds everyone up!" (about Justin being on time)

"He's usually happy, when he's excited, he does this little dance when he talks!" (about Lance)

"Ohhh! I'm a lil' school girl"

"Oh! Oh! Here we go!"

"We've got the best band in the world."

"Look man, you got your stuff all up in my bunk!"

"I camped out for tickets, like, when Hammer was a big record of the day. We would camp out for six hours to get those tickets, and those are bonding experiences. It was our little way to have an adventure. It's not like we could go to Africa and go on safari, but it was fun to be with your friends and do something a little crazy."

"It was disbelief, we didn't really believe it. I couldn't really do anything but hold onto my guys as tight as I could." (about winning the American Music Award for 'Best New Artist')

"Yes, I love being in love - and if you don't love it then you're not in love!"

"My groin hurts!"

"Dude you scare me when you drive!" (to Chris)

"For the girl who eats everything...I bring you fudge...cookies and stuff..."

"I never liked Justin...no, I'm kidding, I love Justin."

"Going dowwwwwnnnn!"

"Whoa, she was purple!"

"Ouch! I just stubbed my foot, I mean toe."

"It's cool that girls like us so much, I mean, what guy wouldn't like that, but what gets us down is we have no private lives anymore. It's all like BAM out in the open, everyone always wants to know, those who know always want to tell, it's hard."

"I love a nice pair of kissable lips!"

" Sometimes you just don` t wanna know"
(after Chris saying the rolling stone outfit rubbed his nipples raw)

"we` re coming Pittsburgh for you"

"Dolla Dolla Bill, y'all"

"That was funny...now get out!"

"I don't know any of these people!"

"We're all like brothers! (Punches Joey) Look! I can do that!"

"Joey, stays up to flirt, and Chris just stays up coz he's psycho!!!"

"When we come back, you guys will get to know Joey a little better, man do I feel bad for you guys at home!"

"I'm like the sanity in this big mix. Everybody's got their job...my job is to remind people to be on time."

"Give it to me, c'mon."

"You forgot my sexy good looks"

"Joey comes over and eats all our food anyway! SCRUB!"

"Joey just sat on his lap, and Justin, I don't know what that's all about."

"I mean, just like everybody else, we've gotta take our spankins too."

“Everyone thinks I like to sleep. It's not that I like to sleep, it's that I don't like to get up! There is a difference.”

"I had a pierced ear when I was thirteen, but I haven't worn it in a long time..."

"There's something about my head going underneath my butt that's just not natural. My body's not agreeing with it."

" Let's get outta here with one of these, man, we be coooool!"

"After 4 years you'd think we'd have it down to a science, but we suck!!"

I wanna be the chair man, I'm talkin' to you girl! Make me the chair man! (to Janet Jackson)

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"I think my ball's stuck"

"I had a pet tree and I used to take it for walks in a wagon.. and it used to go pee on dogs."

"I'd want Bette Midler to play me in a movie."

"I dress up as Justin sometimes

"The funny thing about JC is... well, say we're driving somewhere and we see a pretty girl on the sidewalk, the four of us will go, 'Hey check ou that girl'...... and five minutes later JC will go 'Wow! Check out that dog. What kind is it?' He's nuts about dogs."

"Joey kissed Lance!"

"Let's go seek counseling together"

"If my girlfriend was taller than me I'd start wearing heels."

"JC had gold teeth on him earlier but he took that off. He wasn't feeling very ghetto."

"I had a dog named french fry, and a rock named large coke, but they're dead now."

"We're not serious thesbians. I SAID THESBIANS!!!"

"If you don't come to the next 'NSYNC charity basketball game, here in Atlanta next year, we'll have Justin come get you!"

"its like you're running in a forest you're running in a forest, you're running in a forest and BOOM you hit a tree"

"Lance and I have to sit on opposite sides of the couch cause we will cat fight"

"This doesn't work. It only takes an hour to get your arm through each and every one of those funny things."

"Time to make the doughnuts"

"You wanna funnel cake, Gramma?"

"When we were roughin' it back in the day, we would all have to share a hotel room and being in close quarters all the time, sometimes we drove ourselves crazy and one time we were goofin' off and we threw Lance right into the wall and we had to pay for it and well Johnny wasn't too happy about that one!"

"Scrubing Bacteria like Whoa"

"So in other words, Lance has a sexy voice and we've got each other"

"They left me here! Maybe it's cuz I forgot to take a shower. Bye!"

"Hey, I think I see a Loch Ness monster in my lake. Oh never mind, they're really big ducks."

"My dog just peed all over the kitchen floor. I'm sitting here cleaning it up now."

"He looks like my friend's poodle when they did it's hair for a dog show."
(on Justin's hair)

"Joey loves his blow up... er, never mind!"

"JC's just cheesy! He's got all these bad pick-up lines and, I promise that the other day, he actually said to this girl, 'So, do you come here often?'"

Q: What was your saddest goodbye?
"The last episode of Full House. That was a rough one for me."

"I think I pulled something in my ass!"

"You know Lance. Lance and his parties. He's SO L.A. He thinks he's Mr. L.A., so I let him do that. Lance has valet for the house. Lance is so L.A."

"I grew up thinking women were the boss. Women are right, men are wrong, the end."

"The worst feeling in the world is when you stick your hand in a bowl of jelly and you don't wash it off. Now that's a bad feeling! It goes all sticky and crusty!"

"If your a doll your career is over." (Making the Video, Its Gonna Be Me)

"Joey is like Tickle Me Elmo."

"Joey makes annoying sounds."

"Yeah, when Joey yawns he makes annoying sounds."

"Lance has started juggling!"

"Oh, yeah, like have you ever seen someone who's been dropped on their face onto concrete? That's what his girlfriends look like!" (about Joey)

"He gets obsessed with girls." (about Joey)

"Hear me snarl!"

"We're gonna take you all on!"

"He once came home with a long and curly perm. It was whack." (about Joey)

"We're not *NSTINC! We're *NSUCK!"

"We want Lance, we want Lance, We want Lance........"
"And we got Lance! The four of us are replaceable. Lance is irreplaceable. He's albino... Quit lying, he's a Mississippi albino... They're very rare in this part of the country."
"Well, we were all out albino hunting one day..."
"Lance knows it exactly what it is. Tell `em Lance...so much for your irreplacability!"

"I don't think Joey would have made it if we held auditions."

"We don't sing...we lip sync!"

"Fine, just yell at me then!"

"Did you ever feel like you were being watched by flesh eating monkies from outer space?"

"Pull my finger."

"That was not funny, Justin. Not funny at all."

' Joey go away! No, I'm serious Joey go away!' (Putting a piece of paper over the camera that Joey was holding)

"Dude, Aretha...she was fine in her day."

"It's Melinda's fault."

"Look at the tree!"

"P.S.A. is public show of affecting. That was easy."

"You want Justin's body, don't you? HUH?"

"If my foot didn't hurt like a bitch, oh, excuse my language..."

"Dude, this grilled cheese sandwich is disgusting, look, taste it"

"Although J.C dances in front of the mirror, he always makes crazy faces at himself while he` s doing it!"

"Look at that tree, just look at it"

"They` ve left me...oh no wait they` re coming back for me now!"

" But it` s some good gravy"

" Joey has a hairy butt, he moons us all the time.... that` s how we know"


"Me, Joey and Justin will like go out on the dance floor while the others just talk"

" I` m always so hyper, that` s why none of the guys let me have chocolate or coffee!"

" Tacky` s cool"

"I'm the trouble. I'm the poison in the group-the troublemaker. Everyday I'll do something and try to get the other guys to do it."

"When were out shopping and we see a cool baby blue shirt were like 'oh man can't touch it, it's Justin's'."

"I just closed my eyes, let go of the ball, and, it went in."

"Can we get someone cuter to laugh at the jokes, please?"

"You see here in Orlando, we have trees that grow basketballs."

"Wow, everyone's an inny"

"I'm not really a morning or a night person, I'm just more of an awake person"

"You should quit us and then open for us"

"This is all about chicks for him (Joey). I’m going to say it right now. This is all about chicks. He doesn’t even like music, come to think about it. He doesn’t like dancing either. This is all about chicks..."

"I can never mix the fruit right!!!"

"It's [Titanic 2--The Iceberg's View] gonna be an iceberg for about 2 1/2 hours then boom a ship and it's over...and maybe a couple of crying penguins"

"And there is drool! And there is drool, there is drool on the paper!"

"Two penguins were on a boat getting some sun. One penguin says to the other, 'Would you please pass me the radio?' And the penguin says 'What do I look like a tomato?'"

"I'll not get married probably, 'coz any girl won't take me."

Finish this sentence: When I'm older.... "But I'm already old."

"I was gonna say how can you mispronounce JC? That's pretty bad."

"Joey get off his lap." ( it was lance`s lap)

"I can't believe John Garabidian has a crotch mic. This is ridiculous, I am not doing this show anymore."

"Oh, wait. Right now we'll clear out and show you that Lance really can't dance."

“And if anyone makes fun of the way you talk, tell them to go to hell in a hand basket!”

"People make fun of my hair, but I tell them to get a life -they're just not progressive enough to live in the '90s! Lance makes fun of my hair sometimes too, but just ask him about the time he was getting buzz cuts and looked like he was in the Marines-and about 12 years old!"

"I was thrown out of a hotel in South Africa for skating down the corridor!"

“I got busted up pretty bad skating when we were in Sweden...I was flying down these steps and the guy that was at the bottom of the staircase taking my pic just wouldn’t get out of the way.”

"I think we're all equally funny - it's just that I come out of the box the fastest."

“I have a really short attention span so things tend to bore me easily, which I hate.”

“I wish there was a rumor about me and a lot of girls. Let's start one!”

“Three things I'd bring on a deserted island? I'd bring my skates, a coke machine, and the Spice Girls.”

"It's a weave." (about his hair on the Howie show)

"I think we're all mutts"

"When we were there, everybody wanted to go to these fancy-schmancy Mexican restaurants, but I wanted to go to these dirt holes and get the coolest tacos that they make. I'm an animal, what can I say?"

"I failed (math) several times. I took algebra my freshman year and failed it...Then, my junior year, I took algebra II and failed that."

"I'm not fluent (in Spanish), but I studied it for five years. My mom used to speak it when I was little, so I thought it was going to be an easy credit to get. So, when somebody starts rattling off, I can understand a little bit."

"I've never caught myself snoring. Most of the time I don't think I snore, but I think that there are certain positions you can lay in sometimes and everybody snores."

"Me and my gran got into a knitting accident!" (talking about his hair)

"Lou said, 'I'll put money behind you.' Now, somehow, this has turned into 'he started us.' You can take it however you want, but I started the group."

"You find the weirdest comfortable positions. Luckily, I am smaller than the other guys, so I've got my feet tucked into that airplane pocket. That is, until we get rich and famous and use first-class all the time."

"I find a way to get in trouble everywhere. I'll be in a retirement home and getting into trouble."

"Our next outfits are gonna have the buns cut out of them!"

"We fight, we argue, but then we praise each other. We get along and hang out. It's kinda sick, but..."

"We always check behind us when we drive off, to make sure nobody is lying dead in the street."

"My mom said I was singing before I could even talk!"

"I think the hardest thing is being so big over in Europe, then coming home and nobody having a clue."

"I need lots of calming down!"

"JC dances in front of the mirror quite a lot and makes all these crazy faces at himself!"

"Sometimes I get homesick when I get home - I miss all the touring!"

"Oooh JC, we've been bad!"



"Lance likes Tasmanian devils, I like large bills"


We were like the geeky redheaded stepchild over in the corner that no one wanted to go see perform!

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"I was dating Lance!"

"It kind of pops out, its got a mind of its own."

"I don't know how to read."

"These pants are so tight, it's like I'm having sex with myself!"

"What we're trying to say is JC is a klepto"

"Show em the PISSER!"

"S isn't for Superman. S is for shut up. S is for SHHH..."

"And there only $530. I'm glad we're giving these back cause I can't afford it."

"Joey got a big 'ole butt. I never told you I'd be true. Joey got a big 'ole butt so I'm leaving you."

"It is what it is"

"Don't hit your head on the wall"

"I'm just showing you my...nevermind. I'm a DORK man!"

"Age ain't nothin but a number."

"Are you crazy we can't do that in here this is a Mercedeze"

"Sometimes people will get our cell phone numberes and call us and be like who is this and I'm like look woman if you dont' know who your callin hang up and try again"

"Yes, so we get to meet the french toast girl"

Hey, I'm bigger than you... quite a different level!!"

"All babies look like lizards when they're first born."

"If I could have a super power, it would be to fly!"

"No reptiles! None what-so-ever!!! I will not ride the tour bus!"

"Oh! You're not pressing that button!"

"I'm not bitter, I just hate all women."

"When you get drunk, some say a cold shower helps, some say coffee helps, but nothing helps except Tommy Time!"

Q. Have you ever picked your nose in public?
"I've picked my nose on purpose! (Laughs) Sure, everybody's been caught picking their nose. I wouldn't recommend it in public, but if you get a little build-up, you've got to get it out. That's kinda nasty, but sorry."

"Joey's a womanizer - he takes my women - wussup with that?"

"JC' s real quiet most of the time, but then he'll just suddenly go crazy, and we're like, 'shut up!'"in

"I don't know, and I don't WANT to! I just hope he puts his pants away from me!" (about what Lance does with his pants at the end of the day)

"It's a slammin' song."

"I would be Cinderella!"

"Tour Life is busy, busy, busy, busy, busy..."

"I'm Justin and I'm 21...um, maybe not!"

"He's the most flirtatious person I've ever known!" (about Joey)

"No comment. One time he got really sick on a plane...but that could have been flying." (about Lance ever being really drunk)

Q: Who would you want to play you in a film of your life?
Justin: "Can Ryan Phillippe sing?"

"Never frown because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile."

"Stop askin me this!" (on how the group got together)

"I can't look like a dork when I'm running. I gotta be cool."

"Um, was I alive when this song came out?"

"I'm Cookie Man and this is my side kick Sprinkles (points to JC)!"

"No one was watching me, that's why I picked my nose. Nevermind..."

"I have so much game. I am game. What the hell am I talking about?"

"What? What man? Get out my face. Get the hell out my face man!"

"Carson...Carson is...there's no words for Carson."

"Up jumps my butt...or is it ass? It's ass isn't it? (hums to himself) No, I was right...it's butt..."

"You're very pretty, thanks for the picture, the beanie baby, the necklace, and like everything else..."
"She has my name on her face!" (while pointing and jumping up and down)

"Do you know the I Want You Back dance? (long pause) Um, wow, that was good...what about Tearin' Up My Heart?"

"F.D.S. stands for Feminine Deodorant Spray, right?"

"I have like this sparkly blue gel pen and I love it. It's my favorite. It's gonna break my heart when it runs out of ink."

"He's pissing me off! Is he pissing you off? He's really pissing me off!" (Proclaiming to the world that Chris is pissing him off)

"That was a hard video to do, for real. I was trippin' for a while because that room made me dizzy and I had no balance whatsoever for two days after that.." (on the "Bye Bye Bye" video)

"I'm every woman, it's all in me!"

"You ever heard that song by Mya? I'm obsessed with Mya...(laugh) Anyway, the song, "If You Died I Wouldn't Cry Coz You Never Loved Me Anyway," you ever heard it? It's a bangin' song...(singing) I hope you die, I hope you die, coz you never loved me anyway...no not you!"

" Not all guys on Orlando are good looking, Look at Lance"

"J.C was always that kid in school your trying to tell a secret across the room and you be like this hey J.C... What your mom did what to you?!?"

"I always collect a lot from what JC has to say about things"

" I haven`t played basket ball all day"

" Lance goes out a lot but Joey`s the wildest"

" I`m anemic so I take iron tablets every day"

"When I'm in public, 90 % of the time I'm wearing baby blue."

"I'm a hopeless romantic, but I don't like boring, like 'Let's just go out to dinner.' I like to do fun stuff."

"Wussup with that y'all?"

"I'm a real party animal...When the others let me go to parties"

"Let it go, Just let it go Carson."

"Let's play some basketball, baby!"

"Boom! Whoa! My hair was scaring me."

"No Joey. We'll move on to JC now. Joey talks a lot too, did we mention that? JC is also pretty quiet and shy ... until you get to know him really well. And he sleeps a lot too."

"Call us what you want. Call us the first real boy band, if you want. Just don't disrespect the fact that we're musicians. We're not just trying to sell T-shirts, you know?"

"It's been tough though, there's definitely been times when i was totally depressed. But, you know, my spirituality helped me through that. I just feel like there's two of me: the public-eye me and the guy-who-brushes-his-teeth-twice-a-day me. They're getting along all right now. Sometimes brush-his-teeth doesn't get enough attention, but it's worth it."

"Music is what makes the world go round."

"True love, to me, is when she's the first thought that goes through your head when you wake up and the last thought that goes through your head before you go to sleep."

"I hate mornings. The first hour I'm up, I'm completely upset at the world."

"I like to put a card on my mom's pillow just to say 'I love you, Mom, and thanks for everything you've done for me.'"

“I'm a perfectionist. I can't help it, I get really upset with myself if I fail in the least.”

"I totally understand that saying about women being from Venus and men from Mars. There are things I just don't understand about women."

"I used to hate that fact that my hair was curly. I wanted it to be straight, straight, straight. Now, I'm like 'There's nothing I can do about it, so I might as well work with it curly.'"

"I could eat cereal all day. Cap'n Crunch, Apples Jacks, Frosted Flakes -- all the Kellogg's."

"My clothes are always wrinkled up. Everybody says, 'You need to iron your shirt,' and I'm like 'No, I don't. I'm comfortable.'"

"Every relationship is built on trust."

"To me, my smile looks so goofy."

"I think girls look cute in guy's clothes. When a girl dresses up in a suit with a tie and a collar and pants, something about it, I think, looks so attractive and so sexy."

"I really don't judge people by my first impressions because people can come off differently than they really are. I know I have made a fool out of myself on first impressions."

"I never was such a family man until I was away from my family for a year on the road. I'll call them and be like, 'I can't wait to see you guys!'"

"I don't want to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I want to look cut, so I do push-ups every day."

"I love a girl who doesn't wear too much makeup. The more natural she looks, the better I think she looks."

"My parents are divorced and also remarried, (but) they've always supported me. My mom and dad, my biological father and my stepmother, they have always been there for me. I love my four parents."

"When it's true love, you know no shame -- your pride goes out the window. You're not embarrassed to get down on your knees when you're walking down the street and just sing to her or say, 'I love you to death,' or something like that."

"I dig girls who are into basketball."

"If I was attracted to [a fan], I'd date her, definitely."

"When I fall in love with somebody, it's really deep."

"I have twenty thousand girlfriends...all over the world."

"Thank you for everything. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. God bless you, you've been the reason we've made it this far, and hopefully we can keep pleasing you." (to the fans)

"My best friends are the guys in this group. [Our friendship] isn't fake. We weren't put together by a record company."

"We all had the same love. We all wanted to do music and we were also friends, so it was really cool." - Justin

"We're together all the time, [so] we know each other like the backs of our hands. It's not like we're just a group. It's more like we're brothers, really."

"I'm a hopeless romantic."

"I've always loved music. It's just something that's been in my blood."

"Hey, this is Justin. My nicknames are..uh..curly because of my..uh..hair, and..uh..i dunno some..some people call me shot because I like to play basketball. And I come from Memphis, Tennessee. Ya, the home of Elvis, baby!"

"I dunno...I dunno too much about her breasts. I'm always too busy staring at her butt!" (about Britney Spears)

"Joey is dirty...in more ways than one."

"God must be a Tar Heels fan, otherwise he wouldn't have made the sky baby blue."

"That was my 15 year old sex scene"

"Mama Bass wasn't too happy about that!"

"We got a moooon man, we got a moooon man!!"

"We dont try to make ourselves cute. We burp and fart just like boys"  

"Sorry for the delay everyone, but some crazy fan ran backstage and stole all of our clothes so we were standing back there butt naked!!"

You know, I woke up to 'Tearin' Up My Heart' this morning! The alarm came on and I hear [sings] 'I'm with you...' I was like ahhhh!

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"Lance got a big ol' butt, I told ya I be true, cuz Lance got a big old butt, so I'm eatin you!" - JC and Justin

Justin "What tree?"

"(Laughing) That's funny." - Justin
"Boy, what have you been smoking." - Chris

Q:Do you get embarrassed watching rude scenes on TV with your parents?
"I just pretend I'm not watching it and close my eyes. But if it's a really rude scene..." - JC
"Oh, me and my dad are there rooting them on!" - Joey

Q:Do you watch the rude channels in hotels?
"Well, you have to pay for that stuff!" - Justin
"But you can watch it for five seconds before they catch you - not that I know that!" - Chris
"We don't watch it cause you have to pay, but if it was on regular TV it'd be a different story.." - JC

Q: If you had to compare your kissing style to an animal, which would it be?
"A lizard. But why's everyone laughing? I don't get it!" - Chris
"A panther." - Joey
"I'd be a Boa Constrictor - long, big and exotic" - Lance
"I'd say a fish - very open and wet. That's a good choice as there are kissing fish." - JC
"A dog 'cause I use my tongue a lot!" - Justin

Q: Joey you're an actor right?
"He acts like he's in the group" - Chris
"He acts like he can dance" - Justin

"...is Joey’s mom out there?" - JC and Chris on TRL

"...Oh, that's right. I forgot." - Chris
"Alzheimers is bad." - Justin

"Shut up, Justin. So is being a 19-year old vir-- nevermind." - Chris

(Talking about their summer loves)
"JC had one, but the guy went off and joined the army." - Chris
"Whatever! I didn't know it was a guy!" - JC

Q: When did you start singing?
"What? 4 or 5, just singing in the shower." Joey
"There's another visual for ya." Justin

"You know, Justin was supposed to be the lead character in Titanic." - Chris
"Yeah, but I turned it down. I said, 'Why don't you go get, like, Leo?'"-Justin
"Leo almost turned it down, too. But he was like, 'Man you offered it to Justin.'" - JC
"I said, 'Man, I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Maybe you should give it to Leo'" - Justin "And Chris was going to be Kate Winslet." - JC

"`Cause [Justin]'s smooth and I'm hyper, [Joey]'s...uhh Hammy?" -JC
"How can you dance hammy?" -Joey

"U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L-S-T-U-D-I-O-S" -Chris and Joey mocking Justin and JC

"I'm glad I didn't work at any theme parks..." -Lance

"Theme park nothing, you were Poofu!" -JC

"You Suck." -Justin to Lance when playing hacky.
"No, you Suck!" -Lance to Justin when playing hacky.

"Help!" -Group (When asked what they would do if they were stuck on top of a mountain.)

"We saw that movie, that uh, Blair Witch thing, Lance was clinging to me the whole time!" -Joey

"You are a liar!" -Lance

"Here, you can have a lollipop!" -Justin
"Justin! I want one!" -Chris
"No, I only give them to pretty girls...(wink)" -Justin

" I blew $1000 in Vegas"- Joey

" Whatever he says double it"- Chris

"I'd like to buy a vowel. I'd like to buy an OHHH!"- Justin, Chris, and Joey

"Lance gets NONE!"- JC

"I get it ALL!!!"- Lance

"Should I say that with a little more feeling?"- Chris

"Yeah say that sentence again"- Justin

"I’m sure you hear this all the time but you have SUCH a sexy voice-oh baby."- Chris

"You gotta put the emphasis on the oh baby"- Justin

"I’m sure you hear this all the time but you have such a SEXY voice"- Chris

"OH BABY!"- All

"Well we gotta let Lance do the oh baby cause he’s got the..."- DJ

"He’s got the bass voice"- Chris

"Oh baby"- Lance

"Ok you guys are in an elevator! The elevator crashes. Your stuck in there for a year! Which one of you to eat first??"- DJ

"I'm diggin' in on all of em dude ya know!"- JC

"I think they'd probably eat me..."- Justin

"Lance!!!"- Chris

"...coz I'm high in protein!"- Justin

"I dunno!!!"- JC

"Lance is pretty sweet!"- Chris

"Yeah!"- JC

"Lance got a big old butt..."- Justin

"I know I told you I be true... coz Lance got a big old butt, so I'm eatin' you!"- Justin and JC

"All right, who took that 20 bucks from my pants pocket? I fell asleep on the plane and I woke up and there was 20 bucks missing and ya’ll were grinning. I don’t know who it was."- Chris
"The old lady next to ya, she was coocoo for CoCo Puffs!"- Lance

"Lance is shy and quiet."- JC

"Until you get to know him. Or unless you're a girl, because he can handle girls okay"- Chris

"People always go on about our age differences, but we're all on the same level really."- Joey 

"Hey, I'm bigger than you ... that's quite a different level!"- Justin

" Yeah, but you're already the tallest and still growing, so when that keeps up you'll look really strange!"- Joey

(acting angry) "You talked when I was tryin' to talk, man!"- Justin

(says this very fast) "Now can I talk?"- Lance

"Yeah"- Justin


Justin JC &Joey

Eat eat eat
All day long
Eat eat eat
While I sing this song (uh uh)
Eat eat eat
WAFFLES taste real good (dang that)
Eat eat eat
In your neighborhood

"Ummm... is it true y’all nominated me for the best bass singer for the Grammies this year?" - Lance
"We did nominate you for teen idol of the year." - Justin


Justin & Chris' Fave Fright Flicks: In Entertainment Weekly, they asked some stars what their favorite scary movie is in honor of the movie, Scary Movie. Here's what Justin and Chris said...
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: "When I was 4, I saw When a Stranger Calls. It was really lame but scared the crap out of me."
CHRIS KIRKPATRICK: "Ishtar. I sat through the whole thing and, trust me, that was scary."


*Nsync on JC
Justin: He's a sap.
Joey: You see, JC matures too quickly. He peaked at the age of 15, and he's going downhill slowly. All he wants to do now is sleep!
Lance: No you haven't changed, cuz you're a loser.
Jc: Uh.....I'm a gentleman.
Chris: He’s got a neelaphobia...needleaphobia. How do you say that? He’s even scared of, like, real pointy pencils!


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