"NSYNC rap

Here's a little rhyme that we gotta bust
About da 5 bad brothers for whom you lust
We made up da group in F-L-A
With Lansten, Christo and Triple J

My name is Justin Timberlake and I'm a hottie
All the girlies love me cuz I gots a body
I give a little shimmy, I give a little thrust
Girls wanna hit it with me, I'm the object of their lust
I'm 6'3" and even though Nick is taller
He's got ten chicks and I'm a bad ass baller
My hair's a bit curly, so what if that's true
A brother's gotta keep it real, what more can I do?
Even though my hair is big, I still keep it crunk
All the girlies say they wanna see my junk
I've got the hook up, I'm banging Britney Spears
I tell Chris I like him just so he'll buy me beer

Wait a minute, J, are you tellin a lie?
Or do you wanna be a bitch and make a brother cry?
Man, all those times you said I was funny....

Shut yo mouth, Chris, you've still got your money
Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful, that ain't right
But hate me cuz you can ride this shit all night
The name's JRT, bitch, you better recognize
I've got the best lookin ass of all these guys

Yo get off the mic, J, it's time to get real
My Timbs and my baggy jeans y'all wanna feel
I'm a sexy mofo and I know for a fact
No one can mess wit me because I'm on crack
I cruise all day and I score all night
Just cause I'm Christian don't mean I ain't tight
Even though I'm skinny, I'm still 100% man
And I steal all the solos whenever I can
You may think it's whack I play jazz all day
But take a look at Lansten, that boy looks gay!

Damn it JC don't act like a prick
It ain't my fault I used to look like a chick
Now I'm MONEY and I get ASS
Say my name bitch, I'm Lance BASS
I might not be Clark Gable, I ain't James Bond
But now that Justin's roots grew in, I'm the token blonde!

Yo wuz up wit dat, you dissin the curl?
Don't be so cocky, you still look like a girl

My name's Joey and I'm no sleazy
I'm not fat, I'm not stupid, and I'm not easy
I've never had sex or any such thing.....

Get out of here, bitch, who said you could sing?

My name's Chris and man I'm funny!
All the girls want me just because I have money!
I play football and I can really tell a joke
Justin likes to club with me and snort lines of coke
I've got a dog named Busta, he crapped in Justin's bunk
I guess J didn't think that that was very crunk
Ha ha get it? I crack myself up!
And everybody loves me now because of my pup
I use my dog for attention I admit that's true
But now that I cut my hair, y'all love that too!

Hold up, y'all, give a sista a damn break
Hand over the mic so I can set the record straight
This just ain't workin, take it from a girl
All this wannabe rappin is gonna make me hurl

Hold up woman you sound straight bitter
What's with the acrylics and the body glitter?
Who do you think you are, wearin all that leather?

Listen good, bitch, they call me Krissy
Y'all ain't crunk, and you don't have thug appeal
And no, I don't like it when JC keeps it real.
Justin, who are you kidding in that baby blue,
The guys at my school are better ballers than you.
You're a bunch of white boys, and you sing POP
You can't rap for nothin, and it's time you STOP

What you sayin, girl? You callin me a failure?

Baby, shut your mouth and let's head back to my trailer.