Giants Stadium (6/3/01) - East Rutherford, NJ
Jenn's Review

the stage is HUGE!!! OMG, it is. Lol

I missed Tanya because she was leaving the stage as we walked in.

Meredith Edwards is like WOW! Her voice is awesome. They show clips of the movie On the L.. I took a picture. Lol

Then Dream. They're amazing.

BB Mak was next. They're awesome, especially since just that afternoon they played at Beach Bash.

Then there's a 30 minute intermission, which you can do stuff, but I stood up waiting for them the whole time. Lol

They have some people come out in the cloaks that they wore in "Bye Bye Bye" last year. But they cloaks go to the ground and they come out on the little stage in the triangle thing.

First they did "Pop" (which is better than what you saw on TRL). Then they did like a mixture thing of "I Want You Back" and Tearin' Up My Heart", and they sing a shortened "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" going up those pedastole things. On the right side of the stage though, so I was glad I was over there. Then they sing "Just The 2 Of Us".. a new song. It's awesome. It starts off slow then kicks up. lol. and the dancing is awesome

Then there's this funny clip of Lance and Chris. They're on horses pretending to be cowboys. Lance has a southern accent, but he uses a fake accent when he talks. Like you know how the people that were southern on TV talk? That's what he did.

Then they do "Space Cowboy" and they come out on strings sliding down to the little stage. They ride mechanical bulls too. At the end Chris comes out and puts his head up the bulls butt and is like "I'm stuck help me!" lol He was then like "you know, it was a little chilly before, but now it's HOT" and starts stripping his pants off but there's other pants under it. And he throws them around and is like "you know, these are NOT comfortable" and he takes his top shirt off too. Lol

Then they do "This I Promise You" kind of like the Grammy version. it was awesome. They sounded great.

Then there's a film to go with the next song. It's called "there once was a flower" and it's about Justin getting dumped by some girl. lol and they all try to cheer him up by acting stupid (I got a pic of that). Justin then is like "I just can't believe she's gone". Then they're seen sitting on the same kind of steps on the stage with Justin sitting there. and Justin totally breaks down in this song. It's sooo sweet. They're singing "Gone"

Then Chris comes and hits Justin with a big glove saying "don't be sad look at all these toys" lol.. Then 5 female dancers (which I found weird cause I'm not used to them with female dancers) come out bringing toys. Then Justin rides in a hot wheels thing. lol. They sing "It's Gonna Be Me", and do the 1, 2, 3, to the 4 version at the end. They bounce around on those balls you sit on and bounce on. lol I was waiting for them to run into each other

then there's "Look Into My Eyes".. Which I think that might be where the stage part comes down. It's really cool, the middle part of the big screen comes down and they're taken down in an elevator thing.

Then Lance and Joey introduce the band. and Lance is like "this is my favorite part because we have the best band".

then they perform "We Don't Care At All". They have Velcro on and get stuck on the walls from jumping on them with trampolines. There's girl dances here too.

Then there's this girl that comes out pretending to be JC's girlfriend. He calls her, but he keeps getting calls from the guys. They're all in cars except Justin, he's in a boat. and Lance, he's in the park. lol. Joey calls him first. Then Lance, and Lance goes "what are YOU doing" like the football commercial. Then last Chris and Justin at the same time. and JC answers like "WHAT!!" lol, and you see Chris in the car turn around like he's looking for something in the back seat. Well, JC gets back to the girl and she asks "when are you gonna get me those diamond earrings you promised me" and JC's all like "wait, do you like me for me or the stuff I buy you?" Then they do "Celebrity", fans are on the stage too, and there's female dancers here too

Then they do 3 slow songs "Selfish", "Fallen", and "Something Like You", which they dedicate to fans. and Joey reads fan mail in between, but I couldn't hear. And they were waving to us. Lol

Then they do "No Strings Attached" and it's awesome. They're all in different places on the stage. They then say goodbye and junk

Then there's this Mobius 8 guy and he's like a DJ I guess and he collects different sounds and music bits. He's on the little stage. They guys are shown playing video games but are sucked in. They sing "Game Over" and it's awesome. They look like they're controlled. Well, it has Level 1 which is just Justin and Joey on stage. Level 2 which is the rest come on. Level 3 which is the digigirls, but they beat the girls up. lol, then level 4 is beat the dude. and they do I dunno how, but they do. It's awesome because on the big screen is a video game version of them, and however they move their video game selves move the same.

Then they show "Bye Bye Bye" with the head things like they did at VMAs. Then after JC's verse they come out on stage and finish. They go into these cages, and are covered up. The covering falls down and they're gone from there.

That concert was so awesome. Then my mom and I were sitting in the car waiting for traffic to die down, and the tour buses drove by! I was like cool. I didn't have film left to take a picture though. I ran out of film at Celebrity. lol