+Chapter Thirteen+

“Hey man,” JC walked over and hugged Joey, “we’ve got this case won.”

Everyone was waiting in the hallway for recess to be called off and a verdict to be caked, JC was allowed to walk around with someone watching him, while Justin had to stay seated by the window. Lance and Chris were sitting by Justin.

“How has everything been going?” JC looked to the left at Justin.

“We’ve been bored. We need you guys back,” Joey looked over at who JC was looking at.

“Court is back in session,” someone said from the doorway.

“Let’s go put someone in jail,” Joey laughed, walking over to Chris and Lance.

Everyone filed back into the courtroom. Lance looked at Danielle with a ‘you’re going to lose’ smile. She just glared back at him. As soon as the jury walked in they all sat down.

“Did the jury find a verdict?” the judge asked.

The guys watched nervously as the same woman stood up. Time seemed to slow down and they only wished it would go faster.

“The jury finds the,” she spoke. The guys fidgeted, “defendant guilty.”

Like something just blew up, all five guys screamed in excitement. The cops released Justin. He ran right over to Lance and hugged him. JC ran over and jumped on Lance’s back.

“We’re out of here,” JC shouted in excitement.

“I didn’t do it,” Danielle was being brought out of the building by the cops, “they framed me!”

“Have fun scrubbing toilets,” Justin shouted to her and laughed.

“Just wait till I get out,” she started to yell back, but the door closed behind her.

“Come on guys,” Joey walked up to them, “let’s go home.”

They all walked out of the building. The front was swarming with news reporters.

“Justin.. JC.. What are you going to do now that you have a clean slate?” one of the reporters asked.

“I’m sleeping,” Justin answered walking away.

“I’m going out,” JC stopped to answer.

They all walked to the car and climbed in. They blasted the radio and rode home.

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