+Chapter Fourteen+

“It’s Justin Timberlake.”

Justin was walking out of the library. He had went to go get some books to read. Two girls had spotted him coming out of the building.

Justin waved to them and started to walk towards them.

“Don’t come by us,” the one girl pushed her friend, “run Kristi.”

Justin looked at them sadly as they ran away from him. He didn’t understand why people were still so afraid of him. He walked out to the parking lot and went to his car.

Joey, Lance, JC, and Chris were all laying in the snow on the ground making snow angles.

“Ok, I’m bored,” Chris sat up.

Everyone ignored him talking. They all just laid there looking up at the sky when Justin pulled into the driveway. When he got out of the car, everyone looked at him.

“Hey Justin,” they said in unison and started laughing.

Justin walked into the house without even looking at them.

“I’ll go see what’s wrong,” JC stood up and walked into the house. Justin was sitting on the couch picking at his nails. JC walked over and sat down next to him.

“What’s wrong Justin?” JC took his boots off.

“Why’s everyone so afraid of me?” Justin watched as JC walked over to the door and put his boots down.

“No one’s afraid of you,” JC walked back over to the couch and sat down.

“Yes they are,” Justin was looking out the window, “these two girls ran away from me when I went to go talk to them.”

“Maybe,” JC paused, “it’s because they’re not used to seeing you.”

”No, it’s because they think I’m evil,” Justin got up and walked to his room.

“What’s up!” the door slammed open as Chris was the first one to walk in. JC looked at him with a sad expression.

Justin looked out the car window at the familiar place. He never thought he would go back there, but her was. The guys all decided to go sing at the jail.

“Hey Justin,” Chris tapped Justin on the shoulder, “wanna go show the cop my laser pen?”

“Ha ha Chris,” Justin sarcastically said to him, “you’re not funny.”

“Ha ha Justin,” Chris was hyper.

“Ha ha Chris.”

“Ha ha Justin”

“Ha ha Christopher,” Justin emphasized his name.

“Would you two shut up,” Lance said from the driver’s seat as he parked.

“They won’t,” JC climbed out of the car,” especially since they know now that they’re annoying you.”

Justin looked at the building he spent many months in. Thoughts ran through his head as he thought of what was going to happen when Danielle was released.

*~*THE END*~*