+Chapter Seven+

"I think Lance is starting to remember," Chris said, stopping Joey from going up the stairs.

Joey sat down at the bottom of the stairs, "really? why?"

"Because he was going up to bed and stopped, then he said 'baby blue'" Chris explained.

"So," Joey shrugged, "doesn't mean anything. He could have been deciding a color to paint his room."

"He wasn't," Chris shook his head, "I asked him and he told me he didn't know why, but he just got baby blue in his mind."

"Let's just hope he's remembering," Joey stood up on the stairs, "are you going to bed?"

"Yea, I'm going," Chris stood up and started to walk towards the stairs.

"How was toilet duty?" Justin's cell mate, Matt, asked.

"Ugh, don't even ask me," Justin climbed into his bed and curled up into a tight ball.

"Let me guess. You're all sore from washing about three to five bathrooms?" Matt sat down at the edge of Justin's bed.

"Yes, and he made me do two of them twice," Justin laid motionless.

"I guess you're never going to act up again, hunh?"

"No way! I don't ever want to go through that again."

"Good, because it will only get worse. I had to clean twice and trust me, you think the first time is bad you don't want to do the second. Go to sleep now though. You'll need it," Matt patted Justin on the back and went to his bed.

Justin laid motionless as he fell into a sound sleep.

"We've got this plan out well," a girl's voice was heard.

Lance looked around and found himself trapped in a box.

"Lance help us," Justin's voice was heard. Lance looked around to find his friend.

"What's going on here?" he heard JC struggle.

The room started to fill with smoke. 'I Drive Myself Crazy' was heard in the background.

"Hello!" Lance shouted to get someone's attention, "is anybody there?"

"Who's that? We can't have him telling the world about our plan," the girl's voice was heard again.

Two people appeared in front of Lance. He couldn't see their faces. One of them was holding a baseball bat. They swung the bat at Lance's head as he put his arms up to defend himself.

Lance woke up in a sweat, "Oh my God... JC... Justin," he sat up in his bed.

He looked over at the light that the moon cast upon his bedroom door. He pushed the covers off of himself and stood up. He walked over to the door, opening it he walked outside of his bedroom.

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