+Chapter Nine+

"Ok Mr. Bass, with the info we got we will be able to reopen the case in thirty days," the police told him.

"Thirty days? Why can't you do anything now?" urgency was heard in Lance's southern accented voice, "you can't just let her go free for those 30 days while my friends rot away locked up."

"I'm sorry," the police talked to him, "but we can't take action without a fair trial."

"Ok," Lance looked down sadly, "could I at least go talk to Justin?"

"Sure, I'll show you to the cells," The officer stood up.

Lance followed him to a locked up place. He opened the door for Lance.

"Thank you," Lance went into the room and saw another cop posted there.

"Are you here to see someone?" the police eyed him.

"Yea," Lance walked up to the desk, "I'm here to see Justin Timberlake."

"Sure," the cop searched through some papers, "he should be in the fifth cell to your right."

"Thank you," Lance walked down the aisle of cells. He looked at all the prisoners, some of them making remarks at him. He looked over and saw Justin in his own world playing with one of his sneakers. He walked up the cell and grabbed onto the bars.

"Hey Curly, still loose yourself I see," Lance tried to not start off with tension.

Justin looked up in surprise, "what are you doing here?" He ran up to the bars.

"I remember what happened. You're going to be free," Lance looked at the excitement appear on Justin's face.

"That's what you think," Justin and Lance looked sideways to see Danielle standing there.

"Yes, I do, so you better enjoy your freedom while you can," Lance said coldly to her.

"Oh poor Lance. See, you'll tell them your story, then I'll tell them mine and tell them you're in denial," she walked up to Lance and touched his face.

Lance backed up out of her reach, "don't touch me you raving lunatic."

"Oh, bitter now aren't we," Danielle looked at him.

"Go away, no one likes you," Justin was glaring at her.

"I guess I'll have to," she looked at Lance, "and you should be careful."

She turned around and started to walk away. Lance started to follow her, preparing to punch her.

"Lance!" Justin shouted as Lance stopped and turned around, "don't do it."

Lance looked over at Danielle trying to hold himself back. He looked back at Justin who was shaking his head. He watched as she walked out the door.

"I'm lucky you stopped me," Lance pointed at Justin, "or who knows what."

"Yea," Justin shuffled his feet, "but be careful. Who knows what she's capable of."

"I know, I'll be careful," Lance looked over at the door," I should go see JC."

"Go tell him the news. I bet he's bored out of his mind since he can't contact anyone," Justin joked.

"Lance laughed, "Oh yea! You know how he gets when he gets bored."

"Yea. Check your car out before you drive," Justin spoke seriously.

"I will. I'll come back tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye," Justin watched Lance walk out the door.

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