+Chapter Two+

   "I can't believe you're going. You're only 16 years old," my mother tried hard to get me to not go on the plane, I knew she would miss me too much, "You have school to look for."
   "Mom! Chill, I have a tutor that will teach me when I'm not in school and I'm going to be okay. I'm 16 and I know what I'm doing," it was nice that she was worried, but after an hour of hearing it you get annoyed.
   "Flight 1672 boarding seats 20-30, please go to your flight now," it was now my time to leave. I had a feeling of excitement and a feeling of sadness. I hugged everyone in my family a good bye and started to walk onto the plane.
   I got on the plane and sat down in my seat. I buckled up and the plane took off about ten minutes later. From there till Orlando I don't remember. I fell asleep as soon as we took off. I guess the air pressure made me tired.
   When we landed, I woke up from the plane hitting the ground. In about 5 minutes we got to the gate and all boarded off. I took my carry-on and left the plane. I remember being called earlier that week to look for famous people, they were here to pick me up. I asked John why and he told me because I was going to record a song with them that day to see how well I harmonize with people. That way they can see if I can sing with someone on my debut album.
   I searched for the five guys that were supposed to pick me up, but I didn't see them anywhere. I sat down in a chair and took out my personal CD player. I put in the "98 and Rising" CD, leaned my head back in the chair, closed my eyes, and listened to the songs. I was on the second track, "If She Only Knew" when a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped and looked at who it was. Turning off the CD and pushing the headphones down to my neck, I stood up to him.
   Looking at him, I automatically knew who it was. "Hi, is your name Gabriele Freidman?" he asked me.
   "Yes it is," I said sticking my hand out to shake his.
   "Nice to meet you, I'm JC," he told me then pointed to the rest of them, "That's Chris, Lance, Justin, and Joey."
   "I shook all their hands, "Nice to meet you," I looked at them confused, I knew who they were, but I didn't know what we were going to do.
   "We're going to drop you at the hotel," said someone with a deep southern voice, "than we'll pick you up an hour later at 4:00pm."
   Lance looked at me to see if I understood, "OK, is there anything I need to bring?" I asked him.
   He shook his head, "Nope, nothing at all."
   I started to grab my suitcases when JC walked up, "I got that for you," him, Joey, and Justin picked up a suitcase each. It might seem like a lot of suitcases, but I was going to be there for about 2 months. Maybe even longer, and who knew if I was going to be able to shop.
   We walked out to the limo that was waiting, and as soon as they got the suitcases in the trunk we were off to the hotel.

Chapter 3