+Chapter Four+

   "How much longer do we have?" I asked kind of tired. It was midnight and we've been in the recording studio since 5:00pm. They were reviewing the song *NSYNC and I sang together at that time.
   "That should be it," said Jack, the producer, "Tomorrow we need to see you, Gabriele, to go over the songs on your debut album."
   I smiled, "Alright, just as long as I don't have to do anymore tonight." I looked over at the little couch in there and saw Justin asleep on it, "shouldn't someone wake him up?"
   "Yea, Chris gets to do it," JC said really fast.
   "No way man, he'll kill me for waking him, and I'm not going to have that," he backed away and ran out the door before anyone could push him towards Justin.
   "Well, I'm not doing it," Joey said looking at some papers.
   "You people are babies," I laughed as I walked over to Justin and started to shake him lightly, "hey Justin, wake up"
   "Hunh?" he said sleepily as he looked at me, "Where'd you come from?"
   Everyone laughed as he sat up and looked confused, "You're in the recording studio," I told him as he stood up and scratched the back of his neck.
   Stretching, he nodded his head, "Oh, ok"
   When I got home that night I took off my shoes and went right to sleep in my clothes. I didn't even bother to change, I was so tired from the trip and recording for so long.

Chapter 5