+Chapter Seven+

   I ran into the hotel right up to the guys room. Banging on the door excitedly, Joey came to answer. "Oh my God Joey!," I said excitedly as I jumped up and down, "people love me! Can you believe it," I jump into his arms and gave him a hug.
   "Calm down girl, you're going to out beat Chris in hyperness," he joked as I stopped hugging him.
   "Where's everyone else, I want to tell them," I asked as I looked over his shoulder trying to see if anyone was in there.
   "Chris and JC are in here, Lance and Justin are in their room," he told me as I ran to Chris and JC.
   "Guess what?," I said, they were sitting around watching a movie, "People love me. It's so awesome."
   JC smiled and gave me a hug, "That's great. Sooner than you know it you'll be famous like us."
   "Hey down in front," Chris said throwing popcorn at me as a laugh was forming, "I don't care if you're famous, move it from the TV."
   "Oh yea," I said as I stood up in front of the TV, "Where's the TV?" I laughed as he started to laugh too.
   "I don't know. It can't be that box that's showing pictures on it behind you though," he laughed as he walked up to me and gave me a hug, "Good job, but don't be nervous now that I'm going to kick you out," he pushed me towards the door, "No, I'm just kidding."
   I laughed and hugged him, "You can never stop it with the jokes. I'm going to go anyway to tell Lance and Justin."
   By the time I reached Justin and Lance's room, I was calmed down. I knocked on the door and no one answered. I knocked louder, but no one answered still. John came walking by and saw me, "What's the matter?" he asked when he saw me standing there.
   "Nothing, I was going to tell them something, but I guess they're asleep."
   "Well, we're all going to go have dinner soon anyway, so you can wake them up," he said as he handed the key to me.
   "Are you sure?" I asked as I took the key and looked at him. He just nodded his head and walked down to his room. I shrugged and opened the door. I must have been right about them sleeping because no lights were on anywhere.
   I went down the little hallway to the first door on the right. Opening the door a little I saw someone sleeping. He had curly hair, so I knew that wasn't Lance. I closed the door quietly and walked over to Lance's room. I opened the door and there he was sleeping. I jumped onto the queen sized bed by him and he woke up startled.
   "What are you doing in here?" he asked me sleepily as he was relieved it was me.
   "Guess what?" I asked him excitedly as he seemed to be going back to sleep, "people love me. I got a ton of calls today!"
   "uh huh," I could tell he was going back to sleep. Lance was laying on his back, so I straddled around his waist and shook him lightly.
   "Come on, get up," I laughed, "We're going to be leaving for dinner soon anyway."
   Lance looked up at me sleepily and smiled, "I can't if you're on top of me," he laughed as he took me by the waist and turned so that now I was under him.
   "Hey get off of me," I whispered loudly not trying to wake up Justin, "don't make me scream and wake up Justin."
   "You're not going to scream," he said as he put his forehead on mine. I felt him breathing on me since we were so close.
   We seemed to get caught up in the moment. It was like everything just stopped. Before I knew it, he was inching his lips closer to mine until they were almost touching. At that moment the phone rang and he jumped up looking over at the phone.
   Sitting up at the edge of the bed he answered the phone, "Hello?" he answered as I sat up at the edge by him, "sure, we'll be right down," he listened some more, "yea, she's in the other room trying to wake up Justin," I knew they asked what I was doing. Obviously Lance lied to try to keep what we almost did a secret. "ok, bye," he hung up the phone and looked at me.
   "I'll go wake up Justin," I said as I started to walk out of Lance's room.
   "Wait," Lance shouted after me, "I need to tell you something," he came walking up to me.
   "Tell her what?" Justin must have woken up from the phone call. Lance and I both looked at him.
   "Nothing," Lance said shaking his head, "just that she should be careful in waking you up," I knew he didn't want to tell me that, but it didn't matter.
   They both got dressed and I was waiting in the living room. "Come on, let's go to dinner," I said as they came out of their rooms.

Chapter 8