+Chapter Eight+

   "Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday dear Lance, happy Birthday to you," everyone sang as Lance sat behind his cake. Today was May 4, 2001, and it was his twenty-second Birthday.
   "You have to make a wish," I said quickly before he blew the candles out.
   "ok," Lance sat there and thought for a second. In one breathe he blew out all the candles and we all cheered.
   "Tell me what you wished for," I said leaning up to him like he was going to tell me.
   He laughed and shook his head, "Nope, I can't. It won't come true if I tell."
   "Well then, I guess you don't get my gift," I laughed as I took it.
   He just laughed and threw some of his cake at Chris. "Hey! What was that for?" Chris said wiping the cake off of him.
   "That's for rubbing your craziness off on her. She's insane now," he smiled as he looked at me.
   "No, I'm my own self," I said as I got behind Lance, "he just likes to pick on you Chris," I said as I picked up a glass of ice water and dumped it on Lance. He jumped up from the coldness of the water, "now open my gift," I said giving it to him as he jumped up. Everyone was laughing.
   "This was a great day," Lance said to me, looking at everyone scattered around the living room sleeping. I was sitting by him on the floor, he was laying down. We just got finished cleaning, and were tired. It was 4:00am at that time. I laid down and put my head on his stomach.
   "It was great. I hope you had a fun Birthday," I said falling asleep from him stroking his hands through my red curly hair. I looked up at him with my blue eyes, then closed them and fell asleep.

Chapter 9