+Chapter Nine+

   I woke up the next day to Joey and Chris talking. My head was still on Lance's stomach, and he was sleeping. I felt his chest going up and down slowly as he breathed. I sat up, just as Joey and Chris looked at me.
   "Good morning," I said to them standing up and stretching, "what time is it?"
   "It's about 7:00am," Joey said looking over at the clock in the kitchen. I walked over to the table, sat down in a chair, put my arms on the table, and put my head in my arms.
   "Why's it got to be so early?" I asked as I looked over and saw Lance getting up holding his head, "what's wrong with you Lance?"
   He looked at me than ran to the bathroom. You could hear him puking from inside of it.
   "Someone's sick," Chris said as he heard Lance throw up and had a disgusted look on his face, "just as long as I don't have to see that."
   I got up and walked to the bathroom. I saw Lance over the toilet, he looked terrible. He must have been really sick, "Are you ok?"
   He looked at me and shook his head as he flushed the toilet and stood up shakily. I helped him stand up and walked out behind him. "You ok buddy," Justin said looking at him come out of the bathroom.
   He just shook his head and sat down on the couch. "That's not good. Don't you guys have an interview today?" I asked looking at Justin.
   "Yea, but we'll just have to go without him then."
   "ok, I'll take care of him," I walked to the bathroom, "Do you have a thermometer?"
   "No, not that I know of," Justin said, "Lance, you get to be catered to." Lance just nodded his head and had his eyes closed lying back on the couch.
   I walked out of the bathroom and headed for the door, "Wait, where are you going?" Chris asked me.
   "I'm going to my room, I have a thermometer in there."
   I came back into the room with the thermometer. "I don't think that's going to work," JC said to me.
   "Why not?" I looked at him confused.
   "Because Lance is sleeping," he said pointing over at Lance sound asleep on the couch.
   "Oh well, I'll just take it when he's awake," I said as they all started to walk out the door, "Where are you going?"
   "We're going to get breakfast than to the interview," Joey closed to door when he got out of the room. Me and Lance were left alone in the room.
   "Lance," I said as I shook him lightly, "Hey, I've got to take your temperature," he woke up and looked at me, "ok, keep this under your tongue until it beeps," I said as I put the thermometer in his mouth.
   I walked out to the vending machine in the hallway and bought some water. When I came back I saw Lance sitting there studying the thermometer. Walking over I took it and looked at his temperature, "Looks like you're sick. You've got a 103 temperature."
   I sat down on the couch. Lance laid his head down on my lap and fell asleep.

Chapter 10