+Chapter Eleven+

   "Come on Lance, let's go dance," I grabbed Lance's hand and drug him onto the sand. He had been sitting at the tables on the dock the whole time, and I was started to get worried that he was going to disappear. He seemed so unsocial.
   "Do I really have to?" he asked as I drug him down the beach where everyone was dancing.
   "YES!" I said to him, "come on, you'll have a lot of fun, don't just sit there the whole time."
   "Ok, but only for you," he smiled as we got to the dancing part and I turned around and started to dance with him.
   We were dancing for about half an hour, when "Tearin' Up My Heart" came on. The guys laughed together, and they started to do their dance moves to the song. Everyone made a circle around them as they danced. They truly were great. They seemed to be having a lot of fun too.
   The song ended and everyone cheered for them. They just bowed and smiled, yelling out "Thank you". After about five minutes everyone went back to dancing.
   Lance ran up to me laughing. He hugged me, "You were right, I'm having a ton of fun."
   "What did I tell you Mr. Bass. You needed to have some fun."
   "I'm Mr. Bass now?" he asked looking at me weirdly, "I thought I was your friend," he looked sad now, but I knew he was joking around.
   "Nah, I'm not your friend," I was laughing, "no one likes you, they just pretend to," I knew I was in trouble now.
   "That wasn't funny," I think I upset him, because he looked down at the ground and didn't threaten me like he normally would do.
   "Aw, I'm sorry," I said as I lifted his head up with my hand, "I still love you," I said that as a joke, but meant it as a friend.
   "Really?" he asked as I nodded my head, "yay!" he hugged me as he was shouting yay.
   He looked over to the right and looked like he went into shock, "What's wrong," I asked him. Lance pushed me down on the ground and went on top of me, covering me. When I looked over I saw a guy shooting a gun. The firing was silent, but he was there. He just kept shooting, and didn't stop until he ran out of bullets. As soon as he ran out, he ran to a car and drove away fast.
   "Lance, he's gone," I said shaken up, "Lance?" I felt something warm drip onto my arm. Turning over to get Lance off of me, I was full of blood, Lance's blood.
   "Lance," I started to cry, "Lance get up, come on. You can't be shot, no you can't," the tears were coming down my face like a pouring rain. I saw him move his head a bit, "Lance?"
   "Gabriele," he choked out, "don't leave me," he went limp then.
   "Lance!" I shouted, the guys ran over to me, hearing me yell, "he won't get up. Why won't he get up," I was crying hysterically now, the other guys were too from seeing their friend hurt and from me.
   "Someone call 911," I heard someone shout, but didn't know who.
   "Get up Lance, you can't leave me, don't leave. Come on Lance, please?" I couldn't stop crying as I stroked my hands through his hair.

Chapter 12