+Chapter Thirteen+

   The next day came and I still didn't go back to the hotel to change. I was in my bloody clothes and everything. "Come on Gabriele, let's go back to the hotel," JC said as he walked in the room.
   "What if he wakes up?" I said.
   "It's ok, everyone else is going to stay here for now. Let's just go back so you can shower and change," he grabbed my hand and led me through the door to the car outside waiting for us. There were fans and reporters everywhere. As we walked past them they took pictures and asked us questions. We were too upset to even look at them. I couldn't believe how much it was hurting me to have them ask us questions like it wasn't killing us.
   We made it to the car safely. Getting back at the hotel, there were fans and reporters there too. Not as many, but they still were there. We got past them good and ran up to the hotel room.
   JC hugged me as I got to my room, "You'll be ok. I'll come get you when you're done, ok?" I just nodded my head, "alright, go take a shower and change, then we'll get back to the hospital," he walked to his room and went in.
   Walking into my hotel room, I put in my 98 CD and turned it to track nine, "Heaven's Missing An Angel", the song was called. I blasted the song as I carried the boom box to the bathroom.
   I turned on the water in the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. The blood seemed to almost match the color of my hair. I cried when I saw how much blood was on me, then I decided to stop and just go into the shower. I needed something to relax me.
   I got in the shower and slowly washed the blood out of my hair and off my body. When I was done, I turned off the shower and got out. Drying off I got dressed in fresh clothes. I looked at the corner and saw my bloody clothes lying there. I picked them up and just stared at them for a little bit. Then I wrapped them up in a plastic bag and put them in the garbage.
   Walking out of my room when I was done, I saw JC sitting on the ground by my door, with his knees up and looking at the ground. "Hey," I said to him as he looked up, "I'm ready to go back."
   I followed him as we went to the car, still having to deal with fans and reporters.
   When we got to the hospital I ran up to the room. When I got there nothing was different. He was still unconscious. "I guess it's our turn to go to the hotel room," Chris said getting up. Justin and Joey followed him out as I sat down in the chair next to Lance.

Chapter 14