+Chapter Fourteen+

   "Happy Birthday Gabriele," Joey said as he walked into the room.
   "Thank you Joey," I said standing up and hugging him.
   "Seventeen years old. Now you can drive," he said as he gave me a weak smile. It's been about a month and Lance still didn't wake up.
   "Go get some sleep," I said looking at him. It was 3:00am on October 3, 2001, "I'll be fine, you don't have to watch me," I said as he walked out to the chairs in the waiting room. The rest of the guys were already sleeping.
   I walked back over to Lance and grabbed his hand, "hey, you know what today is?" I asked him, feeling awkward because the only other sound was the heart monitor, "today's my birthday. That's right. Now all I need is for you to wake up for me," I let go of his hand and fell asleep in the chair.
   When I woke up it was around 6:00am. I looked over at Lance who didn't move at all. I grabbed his hand again and sat there looking at him helplessly.
   I thought I felt him squeeze my hand and got excited. I didn't know what to do, but I didn't want to tell the doctors, because I feared they would tell me he didn't or that something was wrong. I decided to ignore it. Tears started to roll down my face as I thought of what would happen if he never woke up, "Come on Lance, please wake up. Please? For me, just wake up."
   Just like he heard me, Lance moved his head and his arm I was holding, "Lance!" I yelled in excitement, "that's right wake up, come on," Justin came running in when he heard me yell Lance's name.
   "What's wrong?" Justin sounded worried.
   "He moved Justin!" I just sat there with a smile on my face, "he really did move," I stood up and ran to Justin hugging him.
   "He's going to be alright," Justin said sounding relieved, "we better go get the doctor."
   Finding the doctor, we told him what happened. He went to the room right away, as we walked to the guys and woke them up telling them the news.
   We all sat there for about ten minutes before anyone came, "Hello Miss." the doctor said walking up to me, "Mr. Bass requested to see you."
   "He requested to see me?" I asked kind of confused, "that means he's awake?" I said excitedly.
   "Awake and well," the doctor told me. I walked to the room and went in. I saw Lance as he looked at me with sleepy looking eyes.
   "Hey," he said as I sat down next to him, "Thanks for staying with me," he smiled weakly. I knew he was alright.

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