+Chapter Sixteen+

   "How about Joey opens Justin's gift first and Justin opens Joey's gift first," Chris suggested. It was January 29, 2002. Joey and Justin always celebrated their birthdays together because of the closeness.
   After Chris' suggestion they decided to do that. Opening up each other's gift first, than everyone else's.
   Justin was turning twenty-one and Joey already turned twenty-five. There was a long list of what was going to happen that day. We already had lunch about half an hour ago, so cake was out for now.
   They finished unwrapping gifts, so we all went to laser tag. It was one of their favorite games, but I never played it before.
   Getting in, the guy described what to do. The green and red team were against each other. We would be wearing a pack that glowed a little circle of our color team we were on and a head band thing that glowed our color. We got a gun that we were to shoot the other team with. The lights would dim and they would count down five seconds. As soon as they counted the game would start. Whoever was shot the most at the end of the five games would be the loser, and whoever got shot least was the winner.
   "What should the teams be?" I asked as we got to the area with the equipment.
   "Not my team," Lance laughed jokingly, "you haven't even played before, so you would make me look bad," he said as he gave one of those girlish poses as a joke.
   I laughed at him, "fine then, not like I wanted you anyway."
   "How about Lance, Justin and Chris against you, me, and Joey," JC suggested.
   "Sounds good to me," I said, "We get to be the green team," I said going over to the green section and getting the equipment.
   We walked into the room and waited. "All ready." a voice said from the speakers. The lights went dim and the count down started, "GO!" shouted a voice from the speakers.
   I ran to the other side, but right as I was in the middle of the room someone shot me. They shot me again and again, I must have gotten shot ten times. I turned around and saw a red person standing there shooting, "STOP SHOOTING ME, UGH!" I shouted annoyed because he kept shooting me. I must have been shot twenty times within the ten seconds that we were playing. I ran over to whoever it was and tackled them to the ground.
   "A little aggressive aren't we?" I heard Lance say as he laughed, "It's ok, you don't have to kill me."
   "You won't stop shooting me," I said as I was sitting lightly on his lower stmach so he could get up, "You shot me about twenty times in ten seconds."
   "Don't stand there and I wouldn't have shot you that much," he said laughing.
   "It's not funny, I never played before, it's not fair," I said pushing him back down as he tried to sit up, "My turn to get you," I picked up my gun and shot him. Laughing I got up and ran away.
   The game ended up with the red team winning, thanks to me. I was the one shot the most, with 109 shots in all five games. We ended the day with going to the movies. Something to just mellow out from the hyper day.

Chapter 17