+Chapter Eighteen+

   "I can't believe we're here in beautiful Hawaii," JC said in the lobby of the hotel, "We've got to go to the beach today," the beach was right in the backyard of the hotel. You had to cross a busy street first, but that didn't bother anyone.
   "And Lance is lucky, because he gets to come to Hawaii on his Birthday," Justin said nudging him.
   "Yea, lucky," I said as I grabbed Lance's hand and pulled him up, "let's go swimming," I said as I drug him to where the pool was to see what the pool looked like.
   "We've really got to hook those two up," Chris said as he look at Lance and me standing there by the doors looking at the pool.
   "Hey! That wasn't fair," I shouted at Chris. We got our hotel rooms and came down to the beach. Chris was in the water and was splashing me with it.
   "I think it was fair of him," Lance said walking up behind me, "he could do something like this," he picked me up and threw me into the water.
   "You're going to die now," I said to him as I jumped on his back and tried to get him under. It seemed to not be working, because he wasn't going under, "I'm so weak to you," I said laughing as I got off his back.
   "That's because no one can beat Lance," he said pointing to himself.
   I laughed at him, "A little big headed?" I asked, "and we now also talk in the third person I see."
   "Only to you, because Lance is just Lance and Lance talks in the third person," he said jokingly.
   "Cute, very cute," I joked as I started to walk deeper into the water.
   Later that night I stood on the balcony in to my room. I looked up at the stars and searched for constellations. That was something I normally did. It seemed to calm me.
   The guys were in Lance and Justin's room together. "I don't know what to do," Lance said answering their question, "what if she doesn't like me?"
   "There's nothing to lose," Justin told him. They were trying to hook up Lance and me, "Just call her and tell her to meet you somewhere."
   "Ok, but if she hates me I'm blaming it on you," he picked up the phone and dialed my number.
   I heard the phone ringing and went in my room to answer it. I picked up the phone, "hello?" I said.
   "Hey, Gabriele," Lance said looking nervous and turning his back towards the rest of the guys. He couldn't take that they were staring at him, "I wanted to know something."
   "Sure Lance, what is it?" I asked him.
   "Will you meet me down at the beach in about ten minutes? I have something to tell you"
   "Sure," I said becoming nervous, "I'll be there."
   I hung up the phone with Lance and walked down to the beach. I was standing there waiting. I don't know how long had gone by, but it seemed like more than ten minutes.
   I saw someone running towards me, and it wasn't Lance. It was JC, he came to me crying.
   "What's wrong JC," I asked him worried.
   "Lance. He's," JC tried choking out.
   "What happened? Tell me," I said getting nervous.
   "Lance is dead," he told me. I heard those words and was in shock for about ten seconds, then I broke down and cried.
   "How? How could he just be dead? He was fine a while ago," I cried out asking him.
   "He was crossing the street," JC said crying, "and he got hit by a speeding car."
   I broke down on the ground and cried. I don't think I even slept that night. How could he die? On his birthday too, it seemed so unreal.

Chapter 19