Chapter 2

    A few minutes later Kaylyn sat in her room, brushing out her long blonde hair as she got ready to go to bed. 'He kissed me.' She thought as a giddy smile crept across her face. She couldn't believe it, and she couldn't wait to find out what it was that he had to tell her tomorrow.
    ' If I go to bed now, tomorrow will come sooner.' She thought as she made a nose dive for her bed. Within in a few minutes she fell asleep, and she began dreaming.....
In her dream, she stood on the beach just out of reach of the incoming waves. Around her the sun was setting, casting colorful hues across the sky. A breeze blew her hand in her face and she tucked it behind her ear with one hand. She felt a presence behind her and she turned to find Jc standing there in the same outfit that he had been wearing that night.
    "Jc!!" She exclaimed as she threw herself into his arms. She then turned to face the water once again, her hand clasped in his. "Isn't it beautiful, the colors-"
    "Very beautiful, but still not even close to as beautiful as you." he complimented. "Now there's something I have to tell you." This time when he spoke his voice was heavy with sadness.
    "Jc, what is it? What's wrong?!" Kaylyn asked in alarm. Jc couldn't meet her green eyes with his own as he spoke.
    "On my way home... I was at a intersection, the light was green and I went through it, but I got hit in the side by another car." He swallowed. "A drunk driver." Kaylyn's eyes widened and a cold hand clutched her heart.
    "Jc? Tell me your ok!" He shook his head, a single tear fall from his eye and down his cheek to land in the sand.
    "I can't Kaylyn." Tears welled in her eyes, blurring her vision.
    "No." She whispered. Jc quickly wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. "No, you can't be!" she cried as she clung to him, sobs racking her body.
    "I'm so sorry." His strong voice shook with the tears that were now falling from his eyes. "But it wasn't my choice."
    "But you can't leave me... Jc... I...I love you." she choked out.
    "That's why I'm here, because I couldn't leave without telling you."
    He pulled back to look her in her eyes, now red. "I love you Kaylyn." He managed a smile that made Kaylyn think he looked more handsome then he ever had before. "I love you Kaylyn." He repeated as he lifted her chin in his hands and began to kiss away her tears. Kaylyn closed her eyes, wishing that she could keep the feel of his lips on her skin forever. When he stopped she opened her eyes to find him staring at her face and his eyes immediately locked on hers. "I love you." He murmured before lowering his lips to meet with hers. his lips fit perfectly against hers, just as if they had meant to be placed against her own and they were as soft as se knew they would be. Kaylyn kissed back with every feeling she had in her. All the happiness, all the sadness, all the confusion, everything. He pulled her closer to him before pulling away slowly.
    "I have to go." he whispered against her lips.
    "No!" She shouted as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Don't leave me!!! I love you!" she cried.
    "I love you too, and don't forget that.
    "I love you and I always will." He answered as he lowered his lips to hers one last time. Kaylyn pulled him as close as she could, not ever wanting to let him go. After a few seconds the pressure of his lips began to slowly fade, as well as his whole being. Finally, when she couldn't feel him anymore she opened her eyes to find herself alone on the beach. Tears flooded over her eyes and she fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. Then she felt something in her hand. Opening it she found Jc's leo pendant. A breeze blew over her and she heard his voice one last time.
"I love you."

    Kaylyn woke up with a start, her face wet with tears, gasping for air.
    "It was so real!!" she cried out loud.
Just then the phone ran, and getting up to answer it, she noticed that she clutched something in her hand. She felt the color drain from her face and she shut her eyes. 'No, it can't be.' The phone ran again and she reached for it. Clicking it on she managed a shaky hello.
    "Kaylyn." It was the voice of Justin Timberlake, one of Jc's five band mates, his voice laced with tears.
    "Justin, what is it?" she asked, afraid to hear his answer.
   "Jc... He's... he..." he couldn't finish his sentence as sobs overtook his body. Kaylyn dropped the phone and, opening her first glanced down to find a small white leo pendant. Jc's necklace.