Questions in red and answers in blue.


What do you think of LA?
Chris: I love it! I've got an apartment here on Manhattan beach. It's a 
second home 'cos I have a house in Orlando as well!

Justin: LA's a lot like London, but not as clean! It's spread out all over, 
just like London.

Lance: Everybody wears sunglasses indoors, too! but if you make a fool of yourself, and act like a fan or a nuisance, then people will talk about you, and you'll never work
again. If you're confident, and act like you know what you're doing, then you'll get by. That's our tip!

What don't you like about the city?
Chris: The traffic really sucks. It drives me mad!

JC: There are a lot of weird people, a lot of sharks and a lot of scam artists. Everybody's trying to get ahead, and they'll use you if they think it'll help them. You
have to be selective about who your friends are.

Lance: Everyone thinks they're really hot stuff, and they don't realise that it's us who's hot stuff!

Justin: Hey, Lance, you fit right in! You could totally live out here!

What's your favorite LA nightspot?

Justin: There's this bar called Dublin's that we all like. It's on Monday nights and it's so cool! It's a lounge club, that plays hip hop all night long, baby! We dance, but you can sit around in these booths and talk. They have a pool table too. You can really chill out there.

JC: It's not like a normal club, you have to be on a guest list to get in, or schmooze the right people!

Have you been to any posh LA parties?

Joey: Yeah, we've been to a couple of them. I sometimes enjoy them, to meet new people. There are always people there that you wouldn't see on a day-to-day basis.

JC: Some people are cool and some are full of it. It's a city of stars, everybody's an actor or actress. Or trying to be! Everybody's got to be trendy here, that's all that matters. It's very superficial, but a lot of fun!

Have you bumped into any celebs while you've been

Justin: Yes, all the time! Just this morning I bumped into Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek! I didn't say hello, though.

Joey: You don't do that here in LA. You might smile at someone, but you never go up and scream 'Oh my God!'. That would be uncool.

Justin: Yeah, but I met Michael Jordan the other night, and I didn't respect his privacy at all! I went right up to him and we had a little chat. He said that if he grew his hair out he'd want it to look like mine, but he likes his bald head for now! I'm not going to shave mine.

Lance: We went to this party the other night with a lot of actors, including this gorgeous girl from the movie, American Pie!

Chris: Ooh, yeah, and we just saw David Schwimmer downstairs!

Do you fancy getting into the movies at all?

Lance: We're working on one! We're all going to be in it, but it's not going 
to be like Spiceworld, I
 promise! The one that we're looking at right now is 
a basic high-school movie.It's kind of American Pie meets Ferris 
Bueller's Day Off. It's definitely
 going to be a comedy.

Justin: Who's going to get the biggest part? Me! What  are 
you talking about?! Of course it's going to be me!

 Joey: My part has almost no lines at all! 
If you could have any part in any movie, which would you pick?
JC: I'd like to be Indiana Jones or Han Solo. Star Wars all the way!

Chris: I'd like to be in this film called Any Given Sunday. It's a movie 
about American football, which
 I love!

Joey: I'd like to be in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. (TV HITS 
suggests that he should
 play Augustus Gloop so he
 would get to 
eat all the sweets!) Are you calling
 me fat?! You are! You're 
calling me fat! I don't believe it! (Yikes!)

Lance: I'd play... oh gosh... Tell me the name of a film where the leading 
guy gets to kiss a really
 beautiful girl... 
We were just going to ask who'd be your leading lady..!

Justin: Halle Berry! (a wistful look comes into his eyes...) Halle 

Lance: Jennifer Aniston. Or Meg Ryan in Sleepless In Seattle. That's it! 
I'd be Tom Hanks in that film.

Joey: Catherine Zeta Jones! I'd be The Mask of Zorro. I'd be anything she 
wanted me to be!

Who would you want to play you in a film of your life?

Lance: I'd want us all to play ourselves.

Justin: Can Ryan Phillippe sing? I've been told we look similar. If he could 
sing, then I'd like him
 to do it.

Joey: I'd want David Schwimmer to be me!

What Hollywood actor would you love to have a fight
 scene with?

Justin: Brad Pitt. Fight Club. Heck yeah! Or the fat guy from Austin Powers!

Lance: I'd like to beat up the Fonz.

Chris: I don't care enough about the Hollywood scene to want to belt 
someone! I honestly can't think of

Are Hollywood stars more famous than popstars?

Joey: There's more of a mystery about popstars, 'cos you don't see them as 
much. Movie stars are on
 screen in front of you for two hours every time 
you watch them in a film, so even though you don't know them, you feel 
like you do. That doesn't happen
 with popstars.

Justin: I think the main problem for actors that we don't have, though, is 
that people are always
 expecting you to be the person they know you as 
from the film or TV show.
 At least with popstars they know you as you!