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 I think everybody wants to know what's happening with the *NSYNC movie. Any updates for us?

Yes there is, actually. We are, even as we speak, writing the movie right now and we have decided to go ahead. There weren't any scripts out there written for five guys so we've gotten together with a couple of A-list writers to actually write three movies and then see which one we like best. Then we're gonna start filming in February.  

Are you co-writing the movie?


Who are you co-writing it with?

We really can't say who right now, just that they're major writers.   

Do you feel intimidated to be working with professional scriptwriters?

 Yup. The thing is, we're not professional scriptwriters at all. We just have ideas and when we get together with great dialogue writers, we make a great team.   

 Of all the boybands out there, you guys seem to be the most relaxed with a great sense of humor in your music videos. Do you reckon that that's precisely what makes you stand out from the rest?

Of course. I think that people take it too seriously. I think that if you go out there and show people that you have fun at what you do and love what you do, then people don't have the awkwardness of liking it too. I think that is what turns people on to it. They might go, "oh, I'm not afraid to like it either." We just like to entertain.


Who comes up with the ideas for your music videos?

That's us. We write all our treatment. The last one, 'It's Gonna Be Me,' is written by me and Joey (Fatone). 'Bye Bye Bye' was done by J.C