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NM: How long did it take to put together your new album, which has record-breaking sales?

Chris: About a year.


NM: How is this album different from your last one?

Chris: The record company had a lot more to do with the last album. This time, half of the songs are written by us and we had a lot more input. We know what we like to listen to, and we’ve changed our music to fit that.


NM: Do you get together as a group to write songs?

Chris: We don’t have writing sessions; we keep track of whatever inspires us. We leave ideas on our answering machines and sometimes carry little tap recorders around with us.


NM: Is there a rivalry between *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys?

Chris: No, not really. It’s more of a friendly competition. They’re on a little bit of a different road than we are. Our new album really shows that.


NM: Do you get much time off from touring?

Chris: Last year we were on tour a lot. I just bought a house in Florida, and I’ve only been there a few days.


NM: Do you do anything special before a concert?

Chris: For the past five years, we’ve played Hacky Sack before each show.


NM: What’s it like to look at the crowd for Total Request Live studio?

Chris: It really cool, especially since we kind of started with TRL. When we first came out, it wasn’t a big deal, and now it’s developed into this huge thing.


NM: Why did you recently change your hairstyle?

Chris: I was bored with the braids and needed something new. I had them for about two-and-a-half years. It would take six to eight hours at a time to put them in. That was just too much.


NM: How do you make decisions as a group?

Chris: Majority rules. We always go with what is best for the group, so if three people vote one way, then that must be what’s best. So we’re happy we have an odd number in the group.


NM: Is *NSYNC ever out of sync?

Chris: Not really.



NM: Do you have any favorite songs from the new album?

Lance: Each song is so different, but “Promise” really stands out as the strongest ballad on the album. My other favorite is “Space Cowboy,” which JC [Chasez] wrote and produced.


NM: So you ever pull any pranks in the studio?

Lance: All the time, especially with new producers. We’ll pretend there’s something wrong with the microphone and they’ll freak out and spend thirty minutes trying to find out what’s wrong. We like to break them in that way.


NM: Is it hard leaving home to go on tour?

Lance: It is. Recently I was home in Mississippi for twent-four hours. I saw some friends and family, then I had to leave again. I’ve only spent a few weeks in my new house since I bought it.


NM: What have been your best concert experiences so far with the group?

Lance: The time we played our first stadium, the Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan. I also liked playing at the American Music Awards, because we were in front of our peers and people we grew up admiring.


NM: Have you ever driven the tour bus?

Lance: No. I’ve tried on every tour but they won’t let me.


NM: Do you sing in the shower?

Lance: Yes. I like to sing a lot of country: Garth Brooks, Lane Star, anything by Vince Gill.


NM: Have you heard any rumors about yourself lately?

Lance: I heard Celine Dion was pregnant with my twins.


NM: Have you always danced?

Lance: Not at all. I did not know how to dance until I met these guys. I was like, “What? I can’t do this. It’s impossible.” I had to take it step by step, and it took years to accomplish.


NM: What would you do if you weren’t in *NSYNC?

Lance: I always wanted to go into something in space administration, so I’d probably be working for NASA somehow.


NM: Do you have a favorite Backstreet Boy?

Lance: I’d say Howie. He’s probably the nicest.


NM: Is *NSYNC ever out of sync?

Lance: Of course. All the time