*After I'll Never Stop ends*...

DJ: Open House Party Hello?
Chris in a diff old voice: Hello who is this?!
DJ: its John Garabidean (sp?)
Chris: oh for God sakes its a Mr. Garabidean guy again.
DJ: who's this some cranky listener?
Chris: we're sick and tired of you playin all that crap music your playin
DJ: yeah i know we played all those *NSYNC songs.
Chris: its garbage!
*DJ laughs*
Chris: *NSTINK is what i say!
DJ: this sounds like Chris Kirkpatck of *NSYNC.
Chris: Hey! look jackass...
DJ: watch it wise guy
*guys laugh in the background*
JC: whats up dude
DJ: are these the jerky boys?
Chris: it might be
*guys laugh*
DJ: hey so how are ya
JC: good man
DJ: its great to talk to you again
JC and Justin: u too
Chris: wish we could say the same
DJ: oh ya, so we break here for a lot of commercials
Lance: oh my goodness!
DJ: and when we come back *NSYNC will be introducing us to their wives and children.
JC: hah really.....
DJ: so stand by now while we do these things and we'll be back in one minute while they eat some cheese.

*******AFTER THEY COME BACK*******

DJ: hello
JC: hello
DJ: hello
JC: whats goin down man
DJ: whos this
JC: this is JC
DJ: JC whats up
JC: whats goin on bro
DJ: well you are gawd
Chris: this is JC too
Joey: and this is JC three
Lance: and id be JC four
Justin *deep voice*: and I'm Lance
DJ *deep voice*: well i could tell the....the 4th one was Lance
*guys laugh*
DJ: so u guys are playing basketball tonight, huh
JC: yes in deed we are
DJ: St. Johns University, where is that?
Lance: *diff voice* its in new york
JC: actually its in New Jersey
Lance *diff voice* oh new Jersey I'm sorry
DJ: now are any of u uh like good at this or what?
JC: nope
Joey: iiii suck, this is Joey, I'll say my name, yes i suck
DJ: are you playing basketball for charity?
JC: yeah
Justin: yes
JC: we're doing a fundraiser for uh challenge for the children, its uh its an organization that ah raises money for different kids charities and things like that. it doesn't go to one specific charity for kids, its goes to a mixture of all of em.
DJ: so who ya playin?
JC: we're playin uh i dunno theres a ton of people there..
Joey: our selves....
Chris: usher, queen latifa, issia tommas (sp), jorden knight, pink, elton's gonna be there....
Lance: even fat joe...
Chris: elton brand
DJ: well it should be a lot of fun. ya know you've guys gotta be congratulated, I mean its was... it was 9 months ago that ah like last fall there was law suits everywhere....
JC: yeah...
DJ: ......wh...what label, there's no record label, the record labels are suing each other, everybody's suing everybody, and u gotta be shaking your heads i remember u going.....
Joey: didn't we sue u too?
DJ: I was in trouble too
*guys laugh*
Chris: sue me sue u
DJ: but boy, my mother used to say its alwayz darkest before the dawn and all of a sudden out comes your album and its the biggest selling album in the history of music, first week out.
JC: yeah, um, it was pretty exciting um, we didn't know it was gonna do all that, i mean, we're deffinetly thankful for it, but we had no idea it was gonna do that.
Joey: i mean, we can thank so many peo...we can basically thank the fans cuz that's pretty much who broke the record, they alwayz say oh well *NSYNC broke the record, but the fans really broke the record.
DJ: yeah but u made the record
Chris: we just made it we didn't break it.
DJ: that's right, its the fans that's who made that record so good.
JC: yeah, indeed, its true though, in our minds it is.
DJ: do u ever watch making of the band on ABC?
JC: I have not seen an episode yet but Lance has
Chris: we're not big fans
Lance: I was on an episode actually
DJ: what ya think of it Lance?
Lance: um, I think its crap
*guys laugh*
Chris: tell us how u really feel Lance.
Lance: no uh, the thing I don't like about it is, it, they're trying to depicted what its like to be in a group like us, uh, which is totally not anything what happened with us. ya know
Joey: everybody yeah, everybody has their own individual and different story of each group of how somebody got together, and that's not how we came about and that's what people preserve and think it is. but its really weird cuz we never really, I dunno I've seen an episode, but we never really held hands and hugged each other....
Justin: just to make sure we get into a group.
*guys start laughing*
JC: c'mon guys!!
Chris: it just wasn't real, it just wasn't real
Lance: can i say something...*diff voice* um wait , your dance move was off there um ya know...
*JC laughs* JC: yeah he can really dance he's a heck of a mover
Chris: it just it wasn't real cuz they didn't show what he had to go through at the shower scenes and stuff
*guys laugh*
Chris: the cuddling that goes on is just ya know, not good for tv viewing
*guys laugh*
JC: whoa...
DJ: there was an awful picture of Madonna this past week in the national enquire (sp) bathing with the little bathing suit on and she's VERY pregnant.
Chris: really
Lance: whoa...
DJ: and she's covered with mud she's somewhere over in Italy or something
Chris: mud?
DJ: yeah
Chris: she's bathing with mud?
DJ: well she got mud all over her body and stuff
JC: well I guess she's into it
Chris: and your sure its Madonna?
Lance: are u sure its mud?
*guys start laughing*
Chris: yeah its MUDonna
*guys start laughing more*
Joey: ya know, they have, they have websites for those kinda things
DJ: it should be the *NSYNC Comedy Special.
*guys laugh*
DJ: aight next question, Justin and Britney getting married, what was that all about?
Joey: yay...
JC: whatever
Justin: since I'm 19 I feel like I've come to a place in my life where i should just get married
*guys start laughing*
Chris: he's seen it all done it all. he's at the pittical (sp) of his carrier, he's ready to settle down.
DJ: why wont the Justin and Britney thing die?
Justin: i dunno
Joey: they'll be nothing else to talk about
JC: yeah
Joey: no controversy
Justin: people gotta talk about something i guess
Chris: cuz John Garabidean keeps spreadin the rumors
DJ: thats what it is, how bout Lance and Britney?
Lance: uhhh
Chris: Lance and Justin?
*guys laugh*
JC: ohh *laughs*
DJ: tell us sooooo, Its Gonna Be Me got written, produced, and sung, and where was it get done, all that.
JC: we were on our last tour when we recorded that one, and we recorded when we were signed at Jive
DJ: oh boy
JC: that was the one....that was actually one of the first songs that we recorded when we actually got signed to the new record company.
DJ: well lets play it right now
JC: right on
Chris: lets
DJ: Its Gonna Be Me
Joey: whoo hoo!
*Its Gonna Be Me starts to play*
DJ: and i hope you guys win and have a great night tonight
Chris: thank you
DJ: look forward to seeing you guys real soon
Chris: we love u!
DJ: we love you too!
*guys laugh*
DJ: over and out