(Questions in red and answers in blue)

Super Teen Interview -- June 2000

Superteen: If you could be someone else in the group, who would you be?

Joey: I'd be Justin, because he has muscles! Just kidding!

 JC: I'd be Lance, because he likes to party all night. I'm always early to bed, he's always out late. I'd be Lance or Joey, because they're always out late.

Lance: I'd be JC, so I could sleep. Or stay in the studio all day and be creative.

Justin: I'd be Chris, so I could see what it was like to be old!

Chris: Oh, that's harsh!

Superteen: When you go on the Internet, what sites do you hit?

JC: I look at sites for old cars -- I don't buy, I just look.

Lance: I always go to Napster.com -- this is where our album is on the Internet. You can download songs.

Justin: I want to start E-Trading -- let's start trading stocks!

Superteen: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Chris: I know! Video games! I go online to play video games.

Superteen: Have you ever read anything about yourself that's really bothered you?

Justin: Nothing I read bothers me -- it's just a pain because sometimes the tabloids follow you around.

Joey: Justin probably gets the worst of that -- he shows up in the National Enquirer.

Justin: Obviously you're a person, and you want your own personal time. Sometimes it's tough, because every time you walk out of your door, there's someone hiding in the trees, taking your picture.

Superteen: Describe yourselves in three words or less.

JC: OK, I would say sleep, serious and focused.

Lance: I guess dedicated, friendly and business-like.

Chris: Oh I don't know!

Superteen: What's your favorite cartoon?

Chris: I like South Park -- Cartman and Stan are just funny.

Lance: I like Taz -- he's stupid and crazy.

JC: I'm very fond of The Simpsons -- I believe they've turned into a modern day classic.

Superteen: And finally, since Mother's Day is this month, tell us about your relationships with your moms?

Lance: I think my relationship with my mom is closer now. When I joined the group I was like, 16 and moving out of the state at such a young age -- she wasn't happy. So she moved to Florida to be close to me.

JC: I've learned not to take relationships with your family for granted. And I learned that my mom is like a rock for me. When you're living at home you don't notice how much your parents do for you. But the older I get, the more I take everything to heart -- it's almost like, whatever my parents say is like my Bible. Because regardless of what anyone says, your parents have been there -- there've been there, and they understand what you're feeling