Chris interview

Questions in red and answers in blue.


TEEN: So, it seems the big question of the day, apropos of our cover story, is... do you believe in psychics?

Chris: No. I don't believe in that stuff.

TEEN: Why not?

Chris: Because I just think they're very fake.

TEEN: Do you read your horoscope?

Chris: Nope. Well, maybe for a joke, but I don't take it seriously.

TEEN: Fair enough. Moving along then, are you single right now?

Chris: Nope.

TEEN: Congratulations. Do you think she's "the one?"

Chris: Yeah, I think so.

TEEN: Great! When do you see yourself settling down?

Chris: Never.

TEEN: Really? Are you a one woman kind of guy?

Chris: I can be a one-woman guy, but marriage scares me too much. It freaks me out. It's permanent.

TEEN: So what are your future plans for tying the knot and having a family?

Chris: I never really think about it.

TEEN: Does your girlfriend?

Chris: I'm sure she does.

TEEN: We've asked the other guys and now it's your turn in the hot seat-what kind of boyfriend are you?

Chris: I'm a good boyfriend. I treat her well, I take care of her if she ever needs anything. I'm always making sure that she's taken care of. Anything that she wants, I take care of her.

TEEN: Like opening doors and buying her meals?

Chris: Yeah, she's into that. I was kind of into it. I'm into it to a point.

TEEN: Can she trust you?

Chris: Oh yeah. Thing is, I've never actually been a boyfriend. I mean, I have, but not for much time at all. We've been together for a little over a year now.

TEEN: So this has been your longest relationship ever?

Chris: Oh yeah.

TEEN: Has being in this relationship changed you changed a lot?

Chris: A bit. I've changed some of my ways. I'm a lot more tame now. I don't go out and party as much as I used to. It's just because I enjoy her company. I enjoy being around her.

TEEN: What kind of girl are you compatible with?

Chris: I like free spirits. People that make up their own mind and they can have fun doing whatever they want to do - that don't need money or Disneyworld to have fun. The type who could find something like a ladder and make it fun. It's really about having a good time with what you've got.

TEEN: And, what kind of traits are you not fond of?

Chris: Stuck up girls. I hate girls that are too into themselves and more concerned with what they're getting. I've dated girls like that. I don't like it when they expect stuff and come with demands, that's baloney!

TEEN: What do you think will happen with your career in 2000?

Chris: I'm hoping we're as blessed as we've been lately and things work out as well as they have been because we've been real lucky and fortunate to get what we've got and I think we appreciate it every day. If we keep appreciating it, hopefully it will keep coming.

TEEN: Do you have higher expectations for this album than you did the last?

Chris: We have high expectations for everything we do. We don't have expectations for those who buy it though because if they like it they like it if they don't they don't. We have expectations for ourselves, whether we've done a great job or not.

TEEN: Where do you think your career will go in the future?

Chris: I hope we're still being successful. It'll be on a different level of course because every group has to change with the times. Honestly, I know of groups that are very well looked at in the industry and they started out like us, but over time, they've proven their longevity and hopefully that's what we can accomplish.

TEEN: Do you see your sound changing?

Chris: I won't know if it's really changing. I'm sure we're really change with the time to an extent. We have real high expectations for everything we do. We set daily goals, we don't expect ourselves to be the biggest thing ever, but we always strive to be the best that we can be.

TEEN: How will you challenge yourself creatively in the future?

Chris: I really don't know. Acting's kind of cool and I just love music. I think I can be around music forever, music's always challenging. I've got an artist, Ron Irazarry, he's a guy I used to play acoustic guitar with and sing around with, and he's an amazing guitar player, great singer, incredible songwriter, and I'm working with him trying to get him a deal.

TEEN: Is artist management something you're into?

Chris: Well, he's a good friend of mine. It's hard for me to see a lot of good talent overlooked just because they never got their break. It's not about breaks for me, it's about getting the talent out there. I've got my production company that I'm always taking tapes for -- fumanskeeto. It's my production company slash clothing line slash graphic design slash...there's just stuff that I do. I think basically it's all about giving people a chance based on talent - - not based on looks or anything else but just the raw talent in good human beings. I have a lot of friends that are good human beings who've got great talent, they just need some sort of means to do it.

TEEN: Is helping people a philosophy of yours?

Chris: It's not really a philosophy, it's just something I do. The challenge is cool, but I think it's mostly just people deserve it. Somebody gave us a break, so it's almost like we owe it to people.

TEEN: Do you believe that what comes around goes around?

Chris: I do believe in karma. Karma's all about if you're good to others, they'll be good to you. I've had many, many times where things have happened. I try to be cool to every single person in the world, everybody I meet because the karmic value, it just comes back to you, it can come back and kick you in the ass.