JC interview

Questions in red and answers in blue.


TEEN: You sat down with a psychic for our story but 'fess up JC, do you believe in their readings and all that stuff?

JC: I don't place all my beliefs in them, but I definitely believe we're all connected in a weird way and there are powers that some people can't understand.

Also, I read my horoscope. Actually, I just got a great book, it's this thick and it talks about my horoscope in depth... not only my star sign but my moon sign -- the sign I was born under, the hour - all that. It's really cool - like an encyclopedia to all horoscopes.

It's really, really scary how insightful it is and how right on a lot of the things are. When you break it down it's really wild how you can see different traits of yourself in these different things. I usually carry it in my knapsack but I don't have it today. Even people who don't believe, believe a little bit...If it's bad news, they're like "I don't believe that stuff" but if it's good news they're like "It's exactly right!"

TEEN: So had you ever been to a psychic before?

JC: When I was on the Mouse Club Keri Russell (Felicity) and I always did fun stuff together and I remember that one day she came in and was like, 'I got my palm read!' And I thought it was so cool. So I was here in LA [this was like a year ago] and one day I was out shopping and saw a "Palm Reading" sign. I was just walking down Melrose and I looked up and it hit me and I remembered Keri saying and I thought, sure, I'll go in. It was like 10 bucks and this lady gave my this full on reading and it was kinda weird because I didn't expect her to know some of the stuff that she knew. It was pretty neat and on my way out I looked down and I saw that she had 6 toes on each foot! She'd been walking around barefoot the whole time and I didn't notice it till the end.

TEEN: Wow, that's weird! Let's move on to the "serious, hard-hitting questions!" How long do you think you'll remain single?

JC: I'm not always single! I date people from time to time. At this time, kinda yeah and kinda no. I'm dating somebody but it's not like we're gonna get married. I'm still feeling people out. It's even harder now because I hate to trust people right away. People will tell you things and you wanna go with your heart so bad but at this point in the game you have to go with your head and observe a lot of things. So it's hard to be comfortable with somebody. It's pretty tough.

TEEN: So you envision yourself remaining single for a while?

JC: I can't say yes and I can't say no because you never know. I'm one of those freaks that believes that maybe one day when I meet "the one" I'll know she's "the one." You hear about people who were married for 10 years and broke up and they got married 2 months later to someone else and that's the person they were with forever. So you never know. I can't put a clock on it.

TEEN: What are your plans for marriage and family?

JC: I like working and living it as it comes and I don't want to put a schedule on it, any time frame. It's just not my style. Hopefully if I'm inspired to do it at one point, I'll do it.

TEEN: Not to push it, but would you like to get married some day?

JC: I definitely hope to find somebody who genuinely loves me and someone who I can feel that kind of love for.

TEEN: How 'bout kids. Do you want to be a daddy?

JC: Not now! It depends. My problem with me being a father is the career that I've chosen. I'm in a business where morals are no where to be found and I would never want to bring up a child in an environment where there are no morals.

I don't want my kid looking at me saying "you do it" 'cause then what am I supped to say? If I'm going to have a child, I want to lead by example. If I were to still do music and entertainment, I would stick more to the music side, I think there's a lot more adultery in film than in music, at least publicly, and I don't want my kids thinking that's cool. It would be a very long and thought out process and ever career changing. I wouldn't want to bring up a child in an environment that would be damaging to them.

I'm going to be as supportive as I can to anything that child wants to do 'cause that's what my parents did for me and I thank them every day for it.

TEEN: Sounds like you know what you want! Tell us, what kind of boyfriend you are.

JC: I'm a never at home boyfriend! I'll tell you what qualities I look for and find attractive. I find someone who can stand on their own very attractive. I don't like cling-ons but I like attention. I don't want somebody to depend on me for everything. I like when a girl is like, 'I've got this under control.' I like a girl who's career oriented and goal oriented. I don't like a girl who's always hanging on you like you're the one and everything's about you' cause I like when a girl comes in and is like 'Know what I did today?' That's so cool. It gives you something to talk about.

If you do the same things all the time with the same person, what are you going to talk about? I like someone who definitely lives their own life but is still interested in me. Someone who's goal oriented but who can work out their schedule to where we can have a happy medium. I like attention but not a cling-on to where she's a sweater, where everything she says is about me. Why would I want to talk to someone who's always talking about me? I just like somebody with their own mind who brings something to the table.

TEEN: How about looks-wise. What's your "type?"

JC: I love exotic looking girls. Anybody who's not afraid to be different. That's it. It's plain and simple. I don't like people who go out of their way to be different, but people who are comfortable with themselves and unafraid to do what they're feeling at that moment.

TEEN: Are you like that?

JC: Yes and no. I'm picky about what I wear, but if it's different and I like it, I'll wear it for sure. I wont wear something weird just for the sake of wearing something weird. I'll wear it because I like it.

TEEN: What's the best way for a girl to approach you?

JC: Of course all guys want to be chased, but then again, you never know where it's coming from. I hate pickup lines or any really sorry approach. And, you always know the difference between a sorry approach and a decent approach... you can tell by their body language.

TEEN: What do you foresee happening with 'N SYNC's career in 2000?

JC: I'm excited about this year. Each of us has contributed a little more to this new album personally, and put our guts on the line, as far as writing songs. Some people are going take a stab at it and say 'these guys are a joke, the crap that they put out, they actually tried to write themselves and it sucks,' or they're going to say, 'wow, they've come into their own, they've grown up a little bit, and they've stepped up tot the plate and delivered.'

People are going to take stabs at us because we're a boy band regardless, so I don't even take that stuff seriously now because every time you dog a 5-piece boy band, I can dog a 5-piece rock band or a 4-piece harmony group. I don't take that stuff literally, but what I do take literally is the stabs they take at the music.

TEEN: Where do you see 'N Sync's career in the future? Like in 10 years?

JC: I just want to evolve. And I think we will evolve. I think that our music will evolve with the times. This new album doesn't sound like last year's album, of course. And that's all about evolution, but yet it's still considered pop, because it is.

I want our sound to change, whether there's more guitars in it or not, that doesn't make it rock, it'll still be pop. You'll never see me claiming that I'm Limp Bizkit or Korn, but I'd play guitar on a pop song. I play a little bit of everything, if I hear something that I like, as long as it makes me feel good, I'll run with it.

TEEN: How about you personally, where do you want to be in 10 years?

JC: I still want to be around music for sure. I mean, acting's cool, but I think it would be more of a hobby. I like telling stories. I like telling everyday stories, if you find a cool way to say something that relates to everybody about everyday life, that's the bomb. If you can say something that everybody's thinking, that's dope. I have a 4 min window to do that. If you can summarize a very cool story that everyone kinda feels in the back of their head or in their heart at one time or another and you can take them there, that's my rush.

TEEN: That is a very cool power to have. OK, now on to the simple kind of questions people always want to know the answers to...What's in your fridge?

JC: Milk, 'cause I like cereal. I like Life cereal and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I also have cheese. I love cheese and crackers. I do a good brie with Dr. Pepper!

TEEN: And, of course, now we have the " most embarrassing moment" question:

JC: When we did the Kobe bowl [a charity bowling tournament run by Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant], I walked out of it with my bowling shoes on! I was signing autographs in the parking lot, shaking hands and all that and halfway to my hotel I looked down and realized that I left my sneakers in the bowling alley.

TEEN: That's not too terribly embarrassing! Now, last but not least, what's your most prized possession?

JC: I haven't taken this (shows his lion necklace - he's a Leo) off in 6 years. I took it off for about half the shoot of our very first ['I want You Back"] video, and I got weirded out so I put it back on.

It just kind of got to the point where I hadn't taken it off in a while so then I wouldn't let myself take it off. I got it about a year before the group got together and it's engraved on the back with a cool little star sign that means willpower. It's a definite good luck charm.