Joey Interview

Questions in red and answers in blue.


TEEN: Ok, Joe, we've been asking everyone whether they believe in psychics. Do you?

Joey: A little bit, to a certain extent. Some of it's really true.

TEEN: Had you ever had a reading before?

Joey: No I haven't. This was my first time.

TEEN: JC said he reads his horoscope, do you?

Joey: Sometimes. Sometime they're totally off track.

TEEN: How true. Another question we've been asking everyone is how long they plan to remain single. What's your take? If you're single right now, that is.

Joey: I am single but I do date. I've been dating here and there and there's this one girl I particularly like who I see more often than the others.

TEEN: Do you see yourself settling down one day?

Joey: It's possible. I did when I was in high school - back then the longest time I dated someone was maybe 6 months.

TEEN: And your longest relationship ever was...

Joey: About a year -- That's long for me.

TEEN:What are your future plans for marriage and children? Do you want to be a daddy?

Joey: Definitely. I'd say maybe in my late 20s. I'm almost 23 now.

TEEN: What kind of boyfriend are you?

Joey: I just try to treat girls with respect. I'm honest, very open. I like to try to make them laugh. I'm an outgoing guy, I can take a joke. I'd rather she be herself and not something she's not -- that's how I am.

TEEN: Would you rather give or receive?

Joey: I like both, you give a little, you take a little. Sometimes I'm like 'what do you want to do?' I don't want to be the decision maker all the time.

TEEN: Would you say you're a good boyfriend though?

Joey: I try (laughs). I'm not in a steady relationship so I wouldn't know.

TEEN: Are you a cheater?

Joey: No because I have an open relationship every time so it's not cheating. You gotta keep your options open.

TEEN: What kind of girl are you compatible with?

Joey: People think they see me with one kind of girl, they see me with a girl that's like me. Outgoing, always joking around, just says what's on her mind, doesn't care.

TEEN: And, what kind of girl do you really want?

Joey: I'd go with a little bit of that, but I'm not much of a romantic, so I want them to kind of help me out and teach me to be romantic.

TEEN: What qualities do you like or look for in a girl?

Joey: I like a girl that has beautiful eyes. I like a little bit of everything. I can like a girl who can hang out in sweats and sneakers and she can look good like that. As long as she's comfortable, that's cool. But then if we're going out at night, I want a girl who can dress up and look sexy but not with tons of makeup and stuff. And, when I'm married I want to be able to wake up next to her and she'll look as beautiful when she wakes up as she did when we went out the night before.

TEEN: What's the best way for a girl to approach you?

Joey: Just come up and say hello. I'm more a tease than a game player.

TEEN: Are you insecure around girls?

Joey: Not really. If I really like a girl, maybe. I really have to have some infatuation with a woman to become insecure.

TEEN: Interesting. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Joey: I think there's an attraction, but I've never had an experience where I knew she was "the one" at first sight.

TEEN: What do you think will happen with 'N Sync's career in 2000?

Joey: Hopefully it will be successful with the new album coming out!

TEEN: Do you think it will be more successful than the last?

Joey: I hope so. I think it's going to do well.

TEEN: Do you feel a stronger sense of excitement and anticipation this time around?

Joey: Oh yeah, we've been waiting for it and so have the fans

TEEN: Where do you see 'N Sync's career in the future?

Joey: I think I see it evolving with the times, as far as the sound goes. We're going to keep the harmonies, just tune it up and change it a bit. We're not going to go hard core rap or anything.

TEEN: How do you envision yourself in 10 years?

Joey: Hopefully married, have a house, maybe having a kid. Doing the music for movies.

TEEN: : Kid huh? Have you thought about how many you might like to have?

Joey: 2 or 3. A mix. My brother has a kid, my nephew. The funny thing is that my brother goes out on the road with me a lot, and when he's not home, his son, Nicholas, stays with our mom. So mom would show Nicholas a picture of my brother only I was in the picture as well. So when I ask Nicholas what my name is he calls me dada too -- he knows he's wrong, but it's a joke. He calls me dada, not uncle Joe.

TEEN: Thanks for being such a good sport Joey, final question... the infamous "what's in your fridge?"

Joey: Macaroni and cheese, salads, ice cream--mint chocolate chip--only if it's green--can't do the white.