'NSYNC Upfront

 Wanna know which 'NSYNC wears his pants too tight, who likes to wrestle and who lifts weights every night before bed? 'NSYNC speak out! 









JC has two very different sides: on one he's like a coiled spring, but the other half he sleeps the whole time. He doesn't go out much, but when he does he really goes for it. He's not embarrassed about being the one who goes out the least, either. JC has a big sense of humor, but first he has to be tired, 'cause that's when he gets giddy. Then he'll often laugh for reason whatsoever, or he'll do something really stupid and laugh for hours and hours. Once we were in an airport in Spain and they lost our luggage so we were sitting in baggage claim for about two hours eating sweets. But JC went crazy and just started running around and around in circles around this big hall, laughing madly! Mmm... what else?... JC's a really good people person - people always like him 'cause he's gentle. The ladies like him 'cause he's quite smooth. You never know who JC's hitting on 'cause he's so cool about it. The one annoying thing about JC is when he's eating gum, he really smacks it around in his mouth... oh, oh and he eats faster than anyone. The other day in McDonald's I got fries and a burger. I started eating it 'cause I was the first one to get my food and JC got his last, but JC got through his two Big Macs before I even finished my fries! It's weird 'cause he's so skinny and he eats loads! Ooooh... and another thing that bugs us is that he always says, 'Eh?' with a Canadian accent 'cause he lives with two Canadians. He goes, 'So you wanna party, eh?'. Aargh! 



Lance is Mr. Hollywood - he likes to hang out on the Tinsel town scene with Hollywood people and go to as many swank parties as he can. He walks with a real laid-back style, and when he parties he always stays chilled. He'll walk into a club and just saunter up to the VIP area to chill out and soak up the atmosphere. Whereas me and Justin are on the dance floor, but Lance, oh no! He's pretty serious I guess... and quite shy until you get to know him. Ever since we got together, he's the one who sits back and watches when the rest of us are going crazy. It's not 'cause he's mature either, he just doesn't join in. But he loves stupid little pranks, like putting tags on your back when you don't know - real dumb things! Ha ha! He knows we'll get him back anyways. He reported me to AOL (massive Internet company) as a laugh so I subscribed Lance to loads of rude Internet sites - that got him back, big time! Mmmm... what else can I tell you? Lance does this one thing which is kinda funny though. He goes, 'Heyyyy!' a lot! My first impression of Lance was that he was a nerd! We already had the group and we were established before he came in as the bass - so I think even now he doesn't like to get that involved. It's not horrible, that's just what he likes. Saying that though, Lance is very friendly. He's the type of guy everyone can talk to - even though he can be a bit on the quirky side! 



Chris is just crazy, silly, energetic... and of course he's very naughty and a bit kooky really. He's a complete prankster and a video game freak! He's definitely not an angel - he's my partner in crime most of the time. We play pranks a lot together even though I'm the youngest and he's the oldest 'NSYNC. Chris is supposed to be the mature one, but he's not! Chris bites his nails - maybe 'cause he's so hyper. The worst practical joke Chris has ever played was when he put a spoon handle over a candle for about five minutes and handed the spoon to Lance and he burnt his hand! Mmm... sometimes Chris can be too much - like when we're all just chilling and he'll come over and jump all over one of us and grab us round the neck. It's painful you know! But he's very friendly - did you hear him just ask someone for a wrestle? That's what I mean - he usually wrestles with Joey! Chris is usually a guy who you can talk to and he always understands where I'm coming from. The good thing about Chris is that he understands himself and doesn't try to fight anything about himself, which means that he understands other people really well. One thing that Chris says all the time is, 'That's the best!' He saw it on this real cheesy commercial and now he uses it all the time. Me and Chris can real off a whole scene from a movie - word perfect! 



Justin is a handsome devil and he's very grown-up for his age. He's extremely dedicated too - I'd say he was athletic, goal orientated, driven... as well as out-going, funny and spontaneous. Justin's very good at everything! He's always friendly except for in the morning when he's tired - but you know not to speak to him until he's had his breakfast. I'm glad it's not my job to wake him up, I can tell you! I've never really noticed any annoying habits with Justin. Justin isn't a complete goof ball, but he's not too serious either - he's quite balanced, I guess. He's an all around good guy and I think his mother's very proud of him. Justin's a complete perfectionist. If we're on stage and he messed up in a little way - even if no one else noticed he'd get a bit down on himself and make sure he's corrected it. Justin's very down-to-earth, he knows what he wants - even when he was really young. He's one of those guys that once he gets things into his head he'll just go ahead and do it and he always wants to learn new things. He's really keen on his weights, although I wouldn't say he was vain. Well he doesn't look at himself in the mirror and say, 'Oh I'm huge!' while flexing his biceps! 



Well Joey lives across the street from me so I know him, really well. I can tell you anything you wanna know. He's a great neighbor, but the best part about him is that I never have to cook! He lives with his family and if I'm hungry I can just walk across the street. They've got all four burners on the cooker going about half the day in their house! You walk through the door and it's like, 'Have a steak. Fancy some pasta?'. It's great to get fed so well. Apart from that, Joey is always, always in a good mood. His charisma is outstanding and he's so warm that you won't find another one like him - funny enough, his whole family is like that. He's so easy to talk to and get along with. He can gab your ear off about nothing for hours, but it's always a fun conversation. He's always got to wear something odd to stand out from the rest of us too - it's always just one odd thing and it's different everyday. (Joey: I wear panties on my head once in a while too!). O shuddup Joey, this is my interview! He just likes to be different - you should see the underwear he's wearing today, they're like too small! He can't breath that well, ha ha! He doesn't care though! Joey loves to argue though, just to get on your nerves a little bit. I'd say he winds up Chris or Lance the most. He has this huge personality on stage 'cause he grew up in theatre. Over all Joey's charismatic, kind, happy, energetic and sweet. He's best at warming up a room and he's in his element on stage.