What to do when you accidentally bump into *NSYNC

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1. "Accidentally" fall in reach of one of the guys so that he'll have to save you
2. Dress up like a grandma/dad and say "Hey Billie how's your mafia going?"
3. Ask them their underwear size so you can buy them some underwear
4. Call Justin, Nick Carter
5. Ask JC if he's seen Jerome
6. Do everything opposite of what they say (So if they say "please don't scream we're trying no to get noticed" scream anyway)
7. Ask them if you can join their posse
8. Mix their names up
9. Ask Lonnie for his autograph and go psycho that you're talking to Lonnie. Then leave and pretend you don't know who *NSYNC is
10. When you bump into them, pretend you don't know them

11. Scream "Omygosh it's you!" and then run right past them to someone behind them

12. Trip over Chris and then sue them for assault

13. Go up to any member and ask for an autograph. When he says yes, pull out a BSB cd cover