(Thanks Kiwi peeps for helping with the list)

Feel free to send me in your ideas


1. Take it to a concert and use it as a water balloon launcher

2. Wear it on your head as a hat when you meet them or go to their concert

3. Tell people *NSYNC is up your butt
4. Show up 2 a concert with it and a bra on and complain about how Joey always makes you go to their shows

5. Buy whacks of them and sling them off your finger at them during the concert

6. Have *NSYNC sign it for you while you're wearing it

7. Say NSync has gone where no man has gone before

8. Hand them out to people and tell them if you wear them you get to meet the guys

9. Use them as a necklace and when 'N Sync comes tell them they have to find the rest

10. Sell it to planet Hollywood claiming that its the underwear that Britney wore under her "oops I did it again" pleather bodysuit

11. wear it on your head and claim that it was your "love gift" from Justin

12. Take it to the meet and greet and inform Joey that he left it at your house on Friday night and that your "services" do not include laundry