Hello everyone! I am back and testing my new journal. I can not wait to keep all of you updated and introduce you to a bunch of people we have on the road with us this tour.

Stay with me as I get back into the swing of things. I think this year we may even have a section where you all (or ya'll where I'm from) can ask me questions!

I will tell one story from today in Tampa. We had a very special guest in our meet and greet. He was a young boy who is terminally ill. I hope we made he feel as special as he made us feel today. It ripped my heart out and I am telling all of you so that you appreciate everything you have! It took this little angel every ounce of energy he had to walk up and meet the guys and have his picture taken with them. I could tell how happy he was and how special the guys made him feel. I just wish he wasn't going through what he is. It made me and quite a few of others tear up. We wish him the best and if he needs anything do not hesitate to call!

I hope this entry didn't make anybody sad, but inspires everyone to live life to the fullest.

Take care for now and I promise I will write some good stuff as soon as I know I am doing this right! :)

As always stay *NSYNC!