Today we are in Seattle. Playing the Rose Bowl on Friday was incredible! 62,000 people. We set a record for attendance. Thank goodness we get a police escort out of there. I feel sorry for all the people who had to deal with the traffic.

We have a new opening act, Boyz and Girlz United. Sisqo iss no longer with us. He was awesome and we will all miss his entourage.

I have to clear up some confusion regarding Challenge for the Children. Jayson Williams of the NJ Nets is having a Charity softball game on the same day as our event. This is not part of Challenge For The Children. The fellas are friends with Jayson and have agreed to sing the national anthem at his event and in return Jayson is going to be one of the commentators for our event. So I am sorry to say the guys will not be playing softball.

Our event kicks off July 28th with a VIP reception at Planet Hollywood. Tickets for this event are currently available only to our sponsors. If more become available they will be sold for $200 a piece. We will let you know if they become available. Then after the Planet Hollywood party all the Celebes will go to Madison Square Garden to see *NSYNC’s show.

July 29th will be the big day! 7:30pm tip-off of the 2nd annual Challenge For The Children basketball game. Invited guests (not confirmed) include Joe, Usher, Penny Marshall, Rosie O’Donnel, Johnny Wright, Jermaine Dupri, Tyrese, Josh Keaton, 95 South, Pink, Jayson Williams, Duane Martin, Dennis Scott, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Antwane Jaimeson, Shannon Elizabeth, and many, many more. After the game there will be the Champion’s Celebration (yes you must be 21) at private location to be announced.

There I hope that helps clear up some confusion.

The guys just finished shooting commercial for a national product. (Sorry I can not reveal it) It will be surprise revealed in August. They are all enjoying their day off today. Tomorrow we tackle the Tacoma Dome.

Get ready to see some really cool changes and updates on the site. We are going to incorporate some really cool state of the art concepts…I believe Chris will lead the way (hint, hint) so stay tuned.

We are finishing up taping segments for a MTV special (air date TBD) and The MCY.COM web cast special. They even interviewed me…tee hee it was funny talking about what I do everyday with the guys. Keep looking for both. They are going to contain some really cool behind the scenes footage. Finally HBO special live from NYC. Very very exciting, I have never approved so many publicity concepts. It is going to be amazing to see the guys’ pictures on the sides of buildings! So be sure and look for them.

I’m going to hit the hay!