Hi everyone, Wow! thanks to all the fans who helped sell out CFTCII in 15 minutes. Hard work pays off, the guys are so excited to have a sold out venue. I paged them all this morning when I heard the good news. We are in Denver right now. Mile High tomorrow, what a great place. The fellas spent all day today in the studio recording a remix, while Darlene(the associate producer for CFTCII) and I worked on the Charity Event. Sending out invitations to the celebs the guys want invited...Usher, Joe, Pink, Shannon Elizabeth, Kobe(World Champion), Shaquille (Double MVP, World Champion), Dennis Scott, Erick Strickland, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Aaliyah, Rosie, Jon Seda, Josh Keaton, 95 South, and many more.

The Tour is half over and time is really flying. Our quick out the other day got all messed up because Lance accidentally got on the wrong bus. It was comical after it was over, but what was suppose to happen was, one bus go one way, and the others go another...but because of Lancey poo not believing his security. He is so use to following the same path, and there are a lot of jokes played on our tour. So all the buses took the long way. Oh well it just took us an extra hour to get to Denver. Thanks Lance!

Have a good one. Stay *NSYNC