Wow I just saw footage of our stage. It looks like a mangled pile of metal. Chicago has some pretty serious weather. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It has not stopped raining since we got here. Gives us time to catch up on our sleep and for me time to catch up on work.

Challenge For The Children is coming along great. Confirmed participants include: Jermaine Dupri, 95 South, Pink, Antwane Jamison, Erick Strickland, Eric Bradley, Darin Henson, Jayson Williams, Johnny Wright, Josh Keaton, and Beverly Mitchell. We still have a lot of people to contact, and get replies from. Some of the other invited guests include Tiger Woods, Brian McKnight, Penny Marshal, Kobe, Reggie Miller, Shaq, Rosie, Joe, Usher, Next, Shannon Elizabeth, Aaliyah, and many many more. Keep checking back I will keep you updated as we get more RSVPís.