We are traveling to Lexington today. Don't worry Chicago we will be back!

Because we had 2 unexpected days off the guys all flew home to be with their families. Joey got to see his father perform at the House of Blues in Orlando. His dad is in a group called "Not So Boyband 2"(NSB2) as you know Joey's father was an inspiration to him growing up. He was in a do-wap group. The reviews are flowing in and they are all great. We wish him well on his new project.

Luggage call is happening now. We have to put our luggage out up to an hour before we leave. That is so security and the bellmen have enough time to load all the buses. It is easier for guys to wake up 30 minutes ahead of luggage call, but us girls need a little more time to get pretty! Oh it is Sunday, looks like a no make-up day, hope I don't scare anyone. Take care. As always...Stay *NSYNC