Happy 4th of July!!! Well Lance added to Noah's Ark ( that is the nickname for his bus) yesterday. He bought a ferrit(I do not know how to spell it). He still has not named it. I told him to name it Fred. It is really cute, I have never held one before. So now we have two chinchillas, one ferrit and one dog traveling with us. After the show tonight we have one more in Raleigh then we all have 4 days off...YIPPPPEEEEEE yes we all are off including the guys. what are they doing? All are going to different places to see family and relax.

CFTCII has confirmed some more participants, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, Darrin Henson, Jon Seda, Duane Martin, Fat Joe, Jordan Knight and Ananda Lewis. still waiting for the final yeses this week. I owe ANTAWN JAMISON an apology..it seems I can never spell his name correctly, don't worry Antawn I have written it 150 time and should get it right from now on.

Enjoy your holiday everyone! We will be shooting off fire works after our show tonight.