So here is a good story for everyone. We had a concert on the 4th of July so we missed all the fireworks. Well we came prepared. We bought our own. So the night of the 4th, after we got back to the hotel, we decided to have our own fireworks show. On the roof of the parking garage. Now mind you some of us ( names to be left out to protect them) did a test show the night before. No problem, cops were right down on the street below us...didn't do a thang!

So here we are trying to have some fun, orderly, no one is loud or anything. All five guys, security, band members management members, and crew members all on the roof having some fun when 5-0 shows up. at first we think they are not going to do anything. Then Joey and Lance shoot off some loud rockets and the policeman tells us we can only shoot one more rocket, then we are restricted to things that stay on the ground and don't go BOOM..well dang what does that leave you...sparklers? and we had none of those. So being curious Steve lights a big barrel thing thinking it is just going to shoot sparks up in the air, like a fountain. WRONG dang thing starts shooting rockets and spinning so rockets are flying on the ground all different directions. It was hysterical all of us dodging this unknown thing. Not knowing where it was going to shoot next. Needless to say by the time it put itself out two more cop cars showed up and the fun was shut down. There was no reason for those policeman to act like that we were not disturbing anyone. In fact I think the rockets were really pretty. So needless to say someday, somewhere, before this tour ends there will be another 4th of July celebration...right Big Dogg?