Hi everyone!

Well todays entry is going to be used for announcements.

Yes we are going back out on tour. 31 dates beginning October 29th. The dates have not been released yet and are still being finalized. Please don't believe the ones floating around the net.

Challenge For The Children is coming along great. Here is the big announcement...by next Tuesday we will be putting a few more tickets on sale. It is going to be off the hook, Ananda Lewis, Queen Latifah, Youngbloodz, and Donell Jones have been added to the roster. Although *NSYNC will not be performing, lots of other peps will be. If you are still looking for a ticket call ticketmaster next week so the scalpers do not get the money!!

We are going to have some exclusive merchandise for CFTCII so be sure and check for that at the game and on NSYNCDIRECT.COM. All of the stuff will be limited edition, never seen photos. Collector's pin, teddy bear and post office stamp/envelope.

Here is a hint for all of you...treat people how you would want to be treated. Being polite will get you a long way. Being pushy, loud, demanding, and out of control will not get you anything. The guys love their fans, but are human and sometimes need a little space.

Justin got his corn rows put back in before the RFK show. It took Rhonda (his hair person)about 2 hours to braid those locks.

That is all for now the guys are headed out for some fun since it is a night off. Cinergy Field tomorrow...

Stay *NSYNC -Melinda