WHEW! I know it has been a long time an I am sorry.

Here is a run down of what has been going on. This week the guys are doing three press conferences, one to announce MTV Video Awards Nominees, one to unveil their new Marionettes, then at Planet Hollywood, for the charity event.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Please understand that I do not have an assistant. I have a person BACK IN FLORIDA that helps me every day. Why am I telling you this? Because I am getting e-mails from people claiming that I have a cousin named Jacob (NOT TRUE) and an assistant named TRICIA (screen name BOUNCE31BABYBLUE)NOT TRUE. Do not believe any story these people write. They do not work with us they are not related to us, they do not travel with us. I just do not want anyone misled. Don't feed into their sickness.

OK now on to the good stuff. We will be crazy this week with all the stuff for NYC. HBO is so awesome to work with, everyone check out their local newspapers there will big ads in some of them for the special, also big building and billboards all over, look for them. I have never seen the guys so LARGE haha.

The guys just did an MTV photo shoot for TV guide. Look for it prior to the MTV Video awards. They will be performing on the show this year look out, Wade and the guys are already thinking of ideas!!!

I gotta run more organizing for CFTC.

Have a great day!