You are probably asking yourself…why isn’t there a more recent journal entry. To be honest, there was absolutely no time while we where in NYC. So instead I will give you a wrap up. Be sure to check out the *NVOLVED section of the site, we will be adding stories, pictures and video from the charity event all throughout the next month. OK here we go…

NEW YORK…one word…MADNESS. How we all did it I will never know. Let’s see the week started out with our sold out shows at MSG. Normally that wouldn’t be so bad, four shows, four nights we have done that before. Now add in the other things the guys had to do during that week.

Tuesday AM we went to MTV to announce the VMA Nominees. ( *NSYNC got 6 nominations) Then before the Tuesday show we had to tape the Pre show for HBO and have a meet and greet for over 250 lucky fans. Do a show, then after the show some of the guys went to Jennifer Lopez’s surprise birthday party thrown by Puffy. What does that equal? NO SLEEP night #1.

Next is Wednesday. That morning Chris had a press conference to announce his alignment with the charity Child Watch. He is the national spokesman. After that it was off to FAO Schwartz to hold a press conference with Living Toyz to unveil the guy’s marionettes. Then off to MSG, another meet and greet for 250 people and a show with full camera rehearsals for HBO Event. Oops, I forgot to mention the sound check party for 100 underprivileged children that the guys hosted. Tired yet? Stay with me because the schedule is about to get crazy.

Thursday: HBO day! Meet and greet for only 200 people today…then LIVE from MSG, the HBO Special. Followed by a party thrown by HBO at the Garden. Please note that I did not see a show at MSG because once meet and greets were done each day I would head back to the hotel to work on CFTCII. We had 40 celebrities arriving beginning Thursday evening. Am I stressed by this time…YES.

Now comes Friday. 4am wake up for the guys to go to the TODAY Show. Following that they have to get ready for CFTCII kick off party at Planet Hollywood. It was Press Conference with their other celebrity teammates then off the Garden for the final sold out show. I had to get meet and greet done that day, then prepare for the celebrity guests to arrive. We sat them in a special section (I am sure a lot of you saw them) and they all loved the show.

Saturday the guys got up early and went to NJ to help Jayson Williams with his charity event. They sang the National Anthem for his softball game. Then back to the hotel for a quick nap, before heading to St. John’s University for CFTCII. The basketball game was incredible. More about that later. After the game it was off to a club in Soho for the Champions Celebration. We partied until the weeeeee hours of the morning, got up loaded the buses and headed to Hershey, Pa for a show. Have I lost you yet??? Wake up, drink some caffeine, we aren’t done. After Hershey three of the fellas headed BACK to NYC while the other two headed to Chicago. The three that went to NYC attended the Coyote Ugly movie premiere on Monday then flew to Chicago on Tuesday for our final show. Chris took me to the Willie Wonka candy factory for a tour Monday. Tuesday Morning we woke up did a photo shoot for MTV Video Awards, did a show, cleaned off the buses, packed our stuff, woke up and headed home!!!! NOW YOU CAN BE TIRED. When celebrities say it is not all glamour THEY MEAN IT!!!

After all that the guys had a few days off. Justin, JC, and Chris are at the TEEN Choice Awards right now presenting and accepting awards. Finally, after today they will all be on Vacation until August 13th.

We had a lot of celebrity visitors during our MSG shows and CFTCII event. They include: Janet Jackson, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Jennifer Lopez, Joe Pesci, Montel Williams, Britney, Carson Daly, Tara Reid, Jose Feliciano, Boris Kujoe, Joe, Darrin Henson, Dennis Scott, Erick Strickland, Stephan Maurberry, Elton Brand, Ananda Lewis, Beverly Mitchell, Queen Latifah, Isiah Thomas, Tashina Arnold, Josh Keaton, Tigger, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Finesse, Peter Gunz, Youngbloodz, Pink (of course), 95 South, Donnell Jones, Usher(except he had to cancel once he got there due to illness), Rockmond Dunbar, Brian McKnight, Eric Christian-Olsen, Jermaine DuPri, Fat Joe, Jordan Knight, Erik Bradley, Kid Cruz, Jay-Z, Eve, Stevie J, Pras, Charles Oakley, R Angels and Dean Winters. I am sure I missed someone, so be sure check out the *NVOLVED section for the full charity report.

As always, stay *NSYNC