Hi everyone:

There is a serious issue that I must address on behalf of you and the guys! We are very aware with what is going on with our tickets. WE MUST STOP THE SCALPERS!!!

It upsets us tremendously and we do everything we can to make the best possible show for our fans. Let me explain things we do as the management team, booking agent, and members of *NSYNC. We stagger the amount of tickets as we release them, meaning instead of releasing 15,000 tickets at once we release a bit at a time. So if the scalpers are buying the first hour they will not get as many as they originally intended to. Next we have put a limit on how many tickets one person can buy. We want a family to be able to go together, but they should not be able to buy for their whole block.

The only way to stop this business of scalping, ticket brokers, and auctions on line is to not support them. Unless of course you know it is a legit auction (like Justin and CFTC auction of their tickets to help raise money for their foundations.) Those are the only legit auctions. Let those people on line sit there with their tickets. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.

*NSYNC charges a certain ticket price. They do not make any more on that ticket if it is scalped. Therefore, *NSYNC is also getting ripped off just like you, the fans. AGAIN...DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY. It is the only way to shut them down. If *NSYNC is charging $32 for a ticket they expect Ticket Master to add a service charge but that is all. When they see someone selling their tickets for hunreds, even thousands of dollars it makes them cringe.

Justin, Joey, JC, Chris and Lance take a firm stand against scalping and are asking you to support them by not buying your tickets from anyone but the authorized seller. It is called supply and demand. As long as you keep demanding the tickets they are going to stay in business and raise their prices. We know you guys are powerful in numbers, let's once again unite and stop this crime from continuing!!

On another note: On their couple of days off the guys are doing all different things, here are a few of them:

JC has been recording with Wild Orchid, doing promo in Canada.

Joey has been shooting in a movie in Canada, and working on his new house, and doing promo in Canada.

Lance attended the US Open, threw a special birthday party for his best friend and went to the beach.

Justin has been writing new songs, and relaxing.

Chris has been writing, working on his house, and relaxing.

One final note: congradulations to our Tour Accountant Rob. He got married yesterday.

It was a long one...but as always,