So sorry for the lack of information. I have no excuse except that I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off...no pun intended.


Well what has been going on... The tour is going great. We are in Indianapolis tonight. It is 1:30AM and I am just now finding some quiet time to write your guys. The guys and their entourage are at the movies right now.


Last night the guys sang the National Anthem at Game three of The World Series. It was so awesome, I must say that *NSYNC has the best rendition of our great country's anthem. It was funny, the NY fans are so cruel, they boo everyone, and when the guys took the field they booed at first, but as soon as *NSYNC started singing their attitudes change.


So let's see we went from Birmingham to NYC and back to Indy in two days. We are all a little jet lagged but had a blast at the game...who wants who to win? Lance wants the Yankees, Joey wants the Mets, Justin JC and Chris just want a good series.

What is coming up? We are taping a holiday special at this time. Oh the new video, TIPU, should be ready now vote vote vote on MTV. Gotta boot BSB!


We do not have any pets with us on the road this leg...for now. Just have to distract Lance everytime we go near a pet shop in the malls.


Last night in NY it was so cool I met Ben Stiller and his wife Christine. Ben is up there shooting a movie. They are very down to earth just like the guys, needless to say I was star struck!


A lot of the guys spare time is spent working on the new album. They have not started recording yet but are busy writing. Let me tell you if you thought NSA is off the hook, you are gonna flip for the next one.

I will write more often, This I promise you! (sorry I couldn't resist)


My brain is fried please excuse any mistakes that I may have made.


As always...Stay *NSYNC