Since I haven’t written in awhile I am going to touch on as much stuff as I can.

What a crazy leg of the tour this has been. Once again it seems like we are non-stop. It has been nice seeing all of you again and seeing new faces at the cities we have visited for the first time this year.


We are in Vegas right now, then heading to LA before wrapping up the tour in San Diego. But hey lets add in the Tonight show, the VH1 Awards and two charity events- ONE ON EACH COAST! It will be a busy two weeks.


The Grinch has Hooville, we have Scooterville! In each venue *NSYNC has what we call a toyroom. This is the room where there are all kinds of things. TV, VCR, video games, weights etc but by far the most popular toy this tour is the scooter. We have the razor scooters, then someone got them bigger scooters and now they have motorized scooters. I find myself looking over my shoulder when I walk around the venue. Especially when Joey is riding one :)


If you thought the MTV Video Awards was off the hook wait until you see what the fellas have planned for the Billboard Awards. I have been sworn to secrecy but be sure and set your VCRs.


There will be a major press announcement on November 28th. Be sure and look out for coverage of it. No, no one is leaving the group and it is not about Grease 3. It is something that EVERY *NSYNC fan will want to be a part of. I can assure you of that. Speaking of being a part of something, I am sure everyone has heard this by now but I will repeat in case you haven’t. *NSYNC has challenged all their fans attending the Los Angeles concerts. They are asking everyone attending the concerts to bring an unwrapped gift for the holiday season. Challenge For The Children is going to collect the toys and disburse them through out the greater LA area. This is your opportunity to partner with *NSYNC and help make someone less fortunate than you have a special Holiday Season.


The guy’s holiday special will air November 30th. My hint to all of you is that you will hear all your favorite music in a totally different way. Be sure and tune in to FOX.


I got cc’d on a news letter that BSB sent out to their fans saying they were upset that I was asking *NSYNC fans to unite and out vote BSB video with our video. Just goes to show how powerful our fans are. You guys are the best, keep up the good work.


Remember, everyday should be Thanksgiving in your heart! Stay *NSYNC.