Hello everyone, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

the holiday season brings the *NSYNC camp something they are not use to. A FEW DAYS OFF! It is so nice to be off tour and home with our families. Yes all the guys are in different places with their loved ones. This is the first New Years inabout 5 years that we are not doing a show somewhere. well Lance is. In fact he is on the phome right now dictating to me to tell all of you about his New Years Eve Party in New York. You must be 18, andhe says it is going to be sooooo much fun. Nelly is performing and Kelly Price. Tickets are available through ticketmaster. There are more details on the website. We have nicknamed Lance "hollywood" because a social event can not happen without him attending. Haha dont be mad Lance.

Lance's party is going to be a ton of fun, if you are in the NY area you should go.

Everyone else is doing his own thing for new years. Once the new year gets here we will be crazy again. January brings award shows, a trip to Rio, and Superbowl! We are doing the halftime show with Aerosmith. here is a fun fact for you all... Our wardrobe person Johanna, and Security Person Mike, used to work for Aerosmith, then they(Aerosmith) went on hiatus to record their next album and we "borrowed" Johanna and Mike. They are such a great addition to our team that we do not want to give them up. :) Let's hope the wardrobe for the half time show is not to complicated so that we can get johanna to do both bands. I would hate to half to pick between those two... the Kings of Rock and the Kings of Dirty Pop. After Superbowl the fellas are going into a heavy recording schedule to complete the next album. Wow this year has flown by!!! Thank you to all the fans who helped make this year such a great memory for the 5 guys, WEG, and everyone else who works with *NSYNC. Happy Holidays and an even happier New Year!

As always...