An Engaging Mishap With Justin & Johnny
(8/10) from "Our thirsty sources have just given us a new twist on the ongoing (and often annoying) Britney Spears and Justin Tiimberlake. According to our sneaky sleuths, the origin of the entire engagement marriage rumor came from a trip that Justin took to a jewelry store with his manager [Johnny Wright] who was allegedly ring shopping for his girlfriend [now fiancÚ].
When they left the store, the jewelry store owners assumed the ring was for Britney and began spreading the rumor. According to the morning disc jockeys on Q102 radio, one of their staff members was sitting behind Justin's manager and his fiancÚ at a recent award ceremony, and overheard Justin's mom commenting on how beautiful the ring was. "Oh, this is nice, but it's a shame it caused my son so much trouble, though." No official word on if this is true, but we here at want to make sure you know everything."