'N Sync Blows Up Big

Ever dreamed of seeing your favorite member of 'N Sync  so close up that you could count his nostril hairs? The wait will soon be over the record-breaking boy band's concert in Detroit on Tuesday was shot for an upcoming giant-screen film, reports Variety.

'N Sync: Bigger Than Live, produced and distributed by Los Angeles' new Really Big Film Corp., promises to magnify the tiniest details of the quintet's gig at the Pontiac Silverdome to IMAX-size proportions. The film is due in theaters by October.

"We are really thrilled to be working with 'N Sync on our very first project," admitted Really Big Film's Johnathan Sanger. "Their explosive staging, mixed with their energetic music, is a perfect fit for our giant-screen format."

Meanwhile, work on the group's as-yet-untitled feature film project will reportedly start in earnest after August 1, when the group's tour concludes in Joliet, Ill. Although 'N Sync attended the Cannes Film Festival in May to promote the project, its members have yet to decide on a story line or screenplay. But the producers probably won't let little details like that interfere too much.

"'N Sync's an international musical treasure," observed Gerald Green of Total Film Group, which is co-producing the film with 'N Sync's own Phat Free Productions, in April. "By turning to film, they will give their fans around the world a new medium in which to enjoy their remarkable talents."

The world of acting isn't completely foreign to 'N Sync. Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez are both vets of The Mickey Mouse Club, and Timberlake also starred in a TV movie, Model Behavior, opposite Kathie Lee Gifford. Lance Bass played a role on an episode of 7th Heaven and appeared on the celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. All five members are slated for cameos in Jack of All Trades, an independent crime thriller, co-written and produced by the group's former developer and financial backer, Lou Perlman. The film is currently in post-production.