'N Sync's Busy Schedule

'N Sync <http://wallofsound.go.com/artists/nsync/home.html> sold more than 2.4 million copies of its second album, No Strings Attached <http://wallofsound.go.com/archive/reviews/stories/nsync_nostringsattachedIndex.html>, in its first week on the shelves, shattering all previous sales records. But the group had changed its approach between albums, going for more of a "hard pop" sound, partly because, as Chris Kirkpatrick says, the band is hoping to capture new fans.

"If we don't reach a new audience, we're not doing something right," he says. "Our objective is to have a universal sound and it just so happens that our fan base consists of a lot of teenage girls right now.

"We don't enjoy stagnant music. We always try to change our sound. We like people to say, 'That's new and I like it.' We never like people to be bored. You have to adapt and change with the times. Otherwise, you'll be dead."

Aside from the album and the tour, each member of 'N Sync has individual business interests. Kirkpatrick has a line of clothing, FuMan Skeeto, slated to launch in Nordstrom's stores the day after Thanksgiving.

"I hope everyone likes it," he says. "I'd like to call it trendy, but it has its own style. I even got the other guys to wear it."

Lance Bass is busy with his music management company, Free Lance Entertainment, while Justin Timberlake is working closely with his charity, the Justin Timberlake Foundation.

"I don't know what I'm going to do [after the tour]," says Timberlake. "I'll probably just write some music and maybe get into some on-screen stuff. This could all change. I'm weird like that."

Joey Fatone and Lance Bass are also interested in working on the silver screen. Of course, all five members will get their chance with the forthcoming 'N Sync film, which is rumored to be Grease 3.

"I think everybody expects us to make a movie about a group, a parody of ourselves, but we probably won't do that," says Timberlake. "That doesn't mean that we won't make fun of ourselves, though. We've been thinking about this for a long time and things are still up in the air." David Lee