Source: Bop Magazine October 2000 Issue

If the “It’s Gonna Be Me” guys had one day al to themselves, where would they go?

Isn’t life suppose to be easier once you reach the top? Ask ‘N SYNC and you might not get the answer you expect! Since 1996, the fab five from Orlando, Florida – Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick – have been working harder than a hive of bees to make their musical dreams come true. And this year, their fantasies became a reality when ‘N SYNC’s 2000 CD, No Strings Attached, broke records and rocketed the rockin’ songsters straight to the top of the pop charts.


So with all this newfound fame, these gorgeous groupsters are kickin’ it on East Street, lounging by pools and sleeping late, right? Well, not exactly. It’s true the album’s success has helped the fellas live a more cushy life, but the guys say that now they have to work even harder than before in order to keep their top spot! So, even when they do get that rare day off, they often spend it doing guest appearances on TV shows like Sesame Street.

Yes, it’s no wonder these warblers are wondrous – they’re workaholics! “When we got some days off, what did I do? I shot a movie!” laughs19-year-old Jack-of-all-trades Justin about his appearance in this year’s Disney TV movie Model Behavior, which aired on ABC. While Justin and his groupmates are amped to explore other interests in addition to music, the former Mouseketeer acknowledges that the extra work can mean no shut-eye for these songsters. “We want to work every chance we get, but we get so tired,” the curly-coifed cutie signs.


Okay, so when that rare free day does come around, what does Justin look forward to doing? “I’d probably spend it at home,” the blue-eyed entertainer says, referring to his Orlando-based digs. “I’d just veg out and watch a movie – when we get a day off, Blockbuster Video is my best friend! But that’s so rare not that I’d probably just sleep.”

Home sweet home is also where 28-year-old Chris likes to spend his free time. But just like Justin, he’s got other commitments – namely, his clothing, design and music company. FuMan Skeeto – that keep him busy 14/7! “Even my days off are work days because of the company.” he notes. Of course, if his schedule was completely clear, you’d find Chris working on new songs in his house in Orlando, which is just minutes away from Justin’s place! “I put in a little writing room at my house,” he explains, “so I’d probably be in there most of the time.”


The rest of the ‘N SYNC crew have an equally tough time finding an open time slot for a little R and R (that’s rest and relaxation) on their calendars. Twenty-four-year-old JC usually spends his time away from the group in a studio, adding record producing to his already long list of sensational skills. (The hard working honey even produced songs for Boyz-N-Girls United and the girl group Wild Orchid.)

But even with so little downtime to himself, JC’s got the perfect plan for a dreamy day off. “I would just have a totally relaxing day at the beach,” he confides. “Like reading a book and going from the ocean to a pool.” Of course, if he couldn’t have fin in the sun – say, because it was a rainy day – this think-ahead entertainer has got a big time backup plan. “I would sleep in, eat whatever I like, and the only thing I would have to do is check out a movie or something.” Sounds good to us!

When JC’s groupmate Lance isn’t busy scouring the music scene for country and pop singers for his newly created record label, Free Lance Entertainment, the Mississippi-born babe’s free-day dreams also find him beach-bound. But the 21-year-old sweetie has one important ingredient to add to his perfect getaway: his parents, Jim and Diane, and older sister Stacy. “I would spend it somewhere in Florida on the beach,” he declares. “That’s just my favorite place for me and my family to go.”

And for good-natured Joey, just about anyplace work as his getaway-for-a-day. The 23-year-old talent tells us he’d be happy “in my bed, comatose or maybe at the beach, just laying out. Or at the pool at my house.” Fun-loving Joey’s also a fan of hanging with his groupmates when they’ve all got the time. “Sometimes we go to a club or the movies, altogether I can barely sit still long enough for a movie!” the always-on-the-go guy laughs.

Everybody needs a personal holiday once in a while, even such high-energy entertainers like ‘N SYNC. Here’s hoping that a free day comes their way sometime soon – to let them recharge their batteries for more powerhouse performances!