' N Sync invades your PC!

Want your favorite member of *NSYNC to give you a virtual tour of their official site? Well wait no longer, the time is here. Now at *NSYNC.com the "*NSYNC Agents" are ready to walk you through their site. The five virtual characters will walk, talk, dance and sing for you, and will even guide you to their own personal favorite Web pages.

Agent Chris is the only character available to download right now (he's the cutest anyway, right?), but the others will be up and running soon.

MediaX, the developers of this state-of-the-art technology say to keep your eyes peeled for new *NSYNC Agent functions. Supposedly, the virtual characters will soon be able to accept spoken voice commands and entertain you in a "new and unusual way."

Hmmm... I can think of new and unusual ways for Justin to entertain me...
by kelly